Ostracizing of America

It starts at an early age. The bullying that separates the weak from the strong. It happened to me when I was a ten year old paper boy. Five boys slapped me around, stole my bike and tore up my newspapers. I ran home crying and my Father asked me where my newspapers and bicycle where. He smacked me on the back of the head and said ,”go back and find those boys and get your stuff back. Make them bleed so they will not do it to you again.” I did what he asked. They were one to two years older than me, I was scared but I waited and found them separated from each other and took them down, one by one. Making sure I got blood and hurt them. Alone they were cowards. I found my bike with the leader of their little gang. He saw me running up the driveway,past my bike and followed him into his bed. He picked up a rifle and hit my ribs with it. I took the rifle from him, knocked him to the bed and put my knee on his legs and hit him like a punching bag until I gave him a fat lip. His Sister yelled at me to get out. I left and took my bike home.

I get home and my ¬†Father is talking to Sherrif ¬†Tom. We lived in a small town and new the two policeman who patrolled the area. “I need to take your boy in for causing a ruckus,” says the officer. My Dad tells me to go inside; he wishes to talk to Tom. As he talks to Tom my Mom answers the phone. It is the Father of the boy who stole my bike. He is cussing and swearing so loud my Father comes in takes the phone from Mom and tells the gentleman his name and he will talk to him about what the true problem is. Dad starts to go out the door, all red faced and the sherrif stops him; “I know what the problem is and I will take care of it.” He was true to his word. All the kids that jumped me were sent before a children’s court and punished for what they did.

The ramifications lasted all through grade school and high school. I grew to be a big strong young man. When I walked the hallways of school and those five boys were together, it was like I was Moses and parted the Red Sea. I was never a bully and never started a fight, but if it happens,I stand my ground. Bullying is an epidemic in this country. Most bullies are made from the loins of their parents. They are taught anger. We are what we are taught.

Cyber bullying, with the advent of modern devices must be condemned and punished severely. To berate or condemn a girl or boy because they are different to the point of a person taking their life is so cruel it should be punishable in the harshest terms. Parents need to be in control of the child’s device. They need to communicate, we are with you no matter what the problem is. Do you monitor their phones, I pads, cell phones? Damn right you do.

My Father grew up in a society were might was right. You took your lumps and gave them when the cause was right. I do not believe in violence, but sometimes you need to John Wayne. Stand tall. Never allow a fellow student to be bullied. No one bothered my Sisters, I wonder why? Keep a close eye on your loved ones. Pura Vida!




They walk one step in front of another
Always in unison with their brothers
They train hard to protect Their nation
Protecting us from the terrorist invasion

Our men and women are sent to strange lands
To fight dangerous and fanatical men
Religious zealots who have only one plan
To destroy and expel the infidels from their land

Our soldiers fight a religious war
A fanaticism they deplore
They see innocents killed every day
A genocide in a religious way

Terrorist have a strict adherence
To a religion of complete indifference
The soldiers see their lack of compassion
Which only increases their determination and passion

When they come home ; show them your pride
Show them you will stand by their side.
Take care of them in sickness
Take care of their mental wellness

Thank God above
For taking care of our soldiers we love

We should expect no less

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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