Good Morning Costa Rica!

I woke up this morning with a sound of a car struggle up our mountain road. It was a two wheel drive vehicle, the driver would transverse  to the middle of the slope and spin its tires until the vehicle slides down the road. The driver would roll down the hill to the main road, put the vehicle in neutral and gun the engine. Slam it into low gear, spinning dirt and rock all the way up the hill. The car could not jump over the ridge of the mountain and slid back twenty feet. The rain stopped pouring and the driver finally made it over the grade. One of the cost of everyday life when you live on a Rocky Mountain road. One night at ten P.M., a driver driver ( probably the same one) was trying to drive up the mountain. And spent three hours for his efforts. Finally at One A.M. He rolled down the mountain, parked the car and walked in the pouring rain. Yes, it is the price you pay to live on a Rocky Mountain road in Paradice ( It helps to own a four wheel drive vehicle).

I was lethargic this morning when I was awaken by that driver. Thoughts of murder and mayhem game to mind, but I released those negative thoughts and listened to the monkeys down aways. They were making a racket. Probable because, that driver woke them from their sleep. Our Oropendola was making his alien sounds and the small yellow belly birds were gabbing away.  The doves were talking at four this morning , hooting light Barn Owls of Utah.Our neighbors dogs were unusually quiet and made for a quiet continuation of my Sunday morning. I decided to stay in my comfortable,two blanket bed. Snuggling with my two dogs,LaLa and LuLu, missing Corina ,who was in the states visiting her Mom. I enjoyed listening to the river waters flowing over the rocks, gurgling down the river falls. It is cooler than usual this morning and I am enjoying the relaxation of the moment and petting my puppies. It keeps them from barking at the car on the road. It is fifty feet from our bedroom window.

I crawl out of bed, brush my teeth , wash my face,comb my balding head. I put on my shorts and t-shirt. The extent of My wardrobe is shorts and t-shirts. Go to let the dogs outside and I open the window for a cool breeze and fresh air as the sounds of nature burst through that door and window. I love it in Aguacate, Costa Rica. I put on my hot chocolate with three large marsh mellows ( I usually put in four but did not need the extra sweetness this morning). Sat down to enjoy my view. Just another day to enjoy. The misty rain replaced the heavy rain and the quiet has returned for awhile. Soon the Sunday tourist will be on the road. I wonder how many tourist awake at five A.M. To enjoy the early morning sounds and beautiful sunrises of Costa Rica?



Another Perfect Morning
Up in Lake Arenal,it is another perfect morning
The Howler Monkeys barking in all their glory
The orphan dogs barking their replies
The hooting calls by the doves on the power lines

All asking you to awaken and see The beauty awaiting thee
A cool brisk breeze
Bright colors all around me
Orchids of bright red, purple and yellow
Good morning they seem to bellow

The white blossoms of the palm tree
Speaks to tell bow down in front of me
I thank it by giving a salute
The Oropendola gives its gurgling hoot

Beautiful with its vibrant colors Red, black, and yellow tail
A beautiful Orange beak calling for others
As he stretches he seems to say
“Look at me, I am beautiful today”

I continue to sit on my rocking chair
Enjoying the great morning air
Just another lovely day
Having it my way

lake Arenal, Costa Rica

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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