Living in Costa Rica

I find living in Costa Rica relaxing, extraordinary, and beautiful. I am driving to Nuevo Arenal and looking at the loose red dirt falling from the hillsides. On two corners, trees have  uprooted and caused a partial avalanche. Not quite on the road, but a heavy rain will wash it down and the road will be blocked , about one kilometer apart. I wonder if anyone else notice this?

I head into town and two delivery trucks are double park, leaving very little room to maneuver. Big cars need to park , wait or back up, go backward and up another road.That is like a lot of big cities in the USA. Leaving the house this morning a flat bed truck was parked in the middle of our mountain road. No way to get out. I walked around the truck , the radio blasting english songs and no driver. I reached in the truck and honked the horn until the driver showed up. It was two minutes or so and he comes running down from the neighbors business and says, “Pardon.” I point to the side of the street and he nods his approval. I think to myself, where is the common sense? Are they the only ones driving in Costa Rica. No, they are use to little traffic , no one will come down this mountain road . I have all the time in the world.Pardon, there is a bigger population here now. More traffic and time to learn ¬†driving courtesy. Or am I being to tough.If that is the only inconvenience in driving, maybe I should be more patient.

It is cloudy and cool today. I slight breeze, just how I like it. I did my business in town and came home to work. The windows open; the door open enjoying the sounds of Aguacate, Costa Rica. Comfortable, relaxed with my dogs on my lap, enjoying life. Pura vida!


An Awakening
I awoke from a dream
A virtual stream
Early in the morning

The smell of morning glories
The sunrise and it’s beautiful colors
I awoke with a vision of my mother
Only her head as in the wizard of Oz

She looked down and gave me a nod
Why a visit this particular morning?
I miss her but I am not mourning
Maybe it is because it is the first Christmas

She will be missed
It has only been a few months since her death
I did not sense any impending wrath
Only a sense of appreciation

An overwhelming regeneration
A sense of fulfillment
Her stars are in alignment
I am ok, go on with your life

Life is right
With that she faded into the sunrise
She had completed her surprise
I awoke with a vision of my mother

She was like no other

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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