How to prevent home burglary

I feel stupid this morning. I woke up at midnight and realized an important fact. I did not secure my house from burglary; not all windows were LOCKED! The window in the laundry room has a broken mechanism. A galvanized pipe keeps the window secure and locked. They came through that window. We expect a pipe or piece of wood is going to keep a thief out of the secured home. Only if the wood is long enough and puts enough pressure on the window so a burglar can not lift it out, Dah!

I went online  for advice about how to prevent this phenomenon from happening. Guess what? You can’t, unless you have the money to make you home Fort Knox.  Impenetrable! No such animal. I watched a video on how to pick home locks; anyone can learn to pick any lock. You buy the best door lock you can and hope for the best. You buy doors that are solid with a three inch draw and have a thick door frame. I like a concrete frame six inches thick. Insulate the door frame for comfort.

Windows with the best locks. Buy the screw in window frame locks that lock on the window frame. All window frames should be attached with at least three inch screws when windows are put in. An added measure is a piece of wood fitting snugly against the window and the window frame: so snug you can not remove from the outside with a screw driver or pry bar. If you are real paranoid, black iron bars on all windows. A design in most Costa Rican homes. Prevents broken windows in your jail.

Buy an alarm system,  if you can afford it, $ 40 to $100 + a month by companies like ADT or AT&T.  Cameras and movement sensors pointed at all windows and doors. Once alerted your cell phone and police are called . An alarm goes off, make it a loud piercing noise that disturbs the neighbors for blocks. Cameras can be wireless so they can be set anywhere in the house. You will get pictures on your cell phone and computer. Nice to have if it is a home invasion. If you have the money, build a panic room where you are safe from violence( Jody Foster made a movie about panic rooms).

The only problem with alarm systems is it runs on wifi or electricity. All they need to do is cut: A. telephone line,B. Electricity at the main junction box to prevent entry without alarm. Not very reassuring is it?  How about a big dog the size of a horse? Trained not to eat poison and nasty enough to eat one’s adversary’s head. Automatic shotguns are great for home invasion problem. An invader would think twice before going any further when you chamber a round.

All you can do is make it difficult for the burglar to get in. Most burglars do not want to go to a lot of effort to enter your home. Most homes are broken into when no one seems to be home. A car missing out front or no lights on outside or inside the house. Put light sensors on all outside lights. Be well lit. Dusk to dawn sensors and timers for the inside lights. Do the best you can to protect yourself and your belongings. Do not put empty appliance boxes at the trash. Hello! I just bought a 60 inch screen TV come and get it! Anything else need to be said? Oh yeah, STUPID IS WHAT STUPID DOES! I love that Forrest Gump saying because only you, you can prevent Forrest fires. Oops !




One’s destiny; preordained?
A glitch on the eternal wall
What will happen, happens
Can we change the call?

Nine-eleven was that ordained?
Terrorist born for martyrdom
Can it be explained?
What price freedom Fate,

the process of life
We determine our destiny
Not foreboding design
It is no mystery

Live each day as if the next is your last
Do not worry about the past
Everyday is a new day
That way fate is out of the way

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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