Good morning Aguacate!

The dove is hooting early this morning. Maybe because the clouds lay low and the breeze is quiet, no rain . A neighbor is up early cooking and it smells delicious. Up in the early morning hours before the rooster crowed. The hens are doing their usual cackling around the house. It surprises me how they gather around our house. The ground around their domicile must be deleted of nutrients, food.

The river waters are flowing louder than usual; cascading over the rocks and soothing the mind with it’s rhythmic roll. I love the early morning rituals of nature in Aguacate. The roads begin to pick up with traffic. The monkeys do not like drivers too early in the morning, they voice their annoyance as a half ton truck rolls by. Even LaLa and LuLu bark their displeasure as the truck disturbs our quiet air.

Mostly calm, no loud radios or televisions blasting their annoyance. All my windows are open; I wish to capture every once of fresh air and listen to natures music,God is orchestrating my way. Soon I will make some hot chocolate and play Words with Friends. I will only play for an hour and go to work advertising my books. I downloaded six books I need to read. I will choose one and read awhile, then take the dogs to the park, weather permitting.

Another beautiful day in Aguacate, enjoying life! You can not get cookies until you put your hand in the cookie jar. Go forth and enjoy your day. Be proactive and reach for the golden ring. Take everything life has to offer: life would not show you it’s abundance if it did not want you to have it. PURA VIDA!


Hidden Away

I am hidden away from the fray
Deep in the rainforest faraway
No news to make me dismayed
Disgruntled or ashamed

Enjoying the fresh air
Enjoying the life style of devil may care
Absent is the need to
Relaxing a must do

I am among friendly faces
In simpler times and places
Few distraction to annoy
Nature to enjoy

I awake to singing birds
Low clouds and swaying ferns
Wild breezes that keep me cool
Gecko’s chirping their tune

Fall asleep to croaking frogs
Winds like sirens through the fog
WRains that pound the metal roof
Then silence, it’ a hoot!

Few trucks, cars or loud noises
No blasting radios to annoy
Welcome to Lake Arenal and the Living Forest
“Pura Vida” is the chorus”

The Good Life

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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