Has your peace been disturbed?

I can not help myself! Yesterday I wrote about the break in of my rental house I rent and my tools and privacy being broken. I need to write this so I do not do something stupid and get myself or girlfriend hurt. I woke up this morning to the sound of a rotary saw running a couple of houses up the hill. Funny thing I never heard that sound there before. Yet, urrrrr! The sound of cutting wood for repair on the house that needs a lot of repair. I wonder where that poor Tico found the money for a new electric saw? I know , me the local banker. Rob me, you do not need to worry. No one will do anything  to make you pay restitution!

Aguacate is a beautiful place and I love it here. I met a lot of Ticos I like and would like to know them better, but how do you fight the fear that no one can be trusted? Do you have an answer for me?  I went across the street to a popular man, I will not say his name because I will not hurt him in any way. I asked him what can I do? In his own way, in broken Spanish and English, He said there is nothing you can do. I asked him if he knew who was breaking into my rental and he said no. I told him you know everyone, but you do not know the families who live up the street. A true conundrum!

It is a case of; It did not happen to me and I do not want to get involved. I do not want them (burglars) to exact revenge on me. Suddenly he needed to be somewhere else and went across the street to the next door neighbor. Big mistake by me, I doubt if he will talk to me anymore. Isn’t that the point? I am a Gringo and you should expect to be robbed. Tico Thieves do not rob Ticos, only stupid Gringos. Nobody wants to work at protecting the neighborhood. Is it all talk?

I was told by a friend that the two thieves live up on the hill and are allowed to prosper. In my neighborhood growing up; we would find the culprit and take him in the woods and break a few fingers. I know that sounds drastic and I feel ashamed for even thinking such practices are good, but the robber moved and my belongings were returned. This is a scenario I envision, maybe from watching too many Godfather movies and do not have the courage to do such a thing, but would it do, in place of police help that never appears?

Enough pontificating and get down to brass tacts: 1. Secure the home to the best of your ability, 2. Buy or make a box out of steel and bolt it to the floor and make the box indestructible, 3. Continue to love your neighbors and hope goodwill will show the way. I like Aguacate and plan on learning better Spanish, with the hopes of communicating better. Besides, I deserve a chance to live in such a gorgeous country filled with beautiful people.

Pura Vida

Petty crime


People and their opinions
Is like eating raw onion.
When faced with facts you do not like,
You close your senses for spite.

Like onion breath, you turn away,
Unwilling to be swayed.
If they used your type of Listerine,
You would follow him into a latrine.

People say they listen,
But is it done with conviction?
Do they hear what is being said?
Or is the sand to deep
When they buried their head?

“Get a life,” you are told.
Maybe I am too bold
Or maybe too old
To hear beyond what I am told.

I do not believe everything I read.
I am cautious and take heed,
Not to be sucked in by the greedy
Or the socialistic needy.

I wish to believe
We will hold the freedom we achieved.
It was won with a cost;
Many lives were lost.

Slowly, our Constitution is being shredded.
I am fearful where we are headed.
Yes, I have lots of time to pontificate.
Maybe I should oblate.

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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