Morning Rain

It was one of those mornings; I slept well, waking at five this morning to the call of silence. Nary a sound, no dogs barking, monkey chatter, not any songs from the birds or insects. Just peaceful and quiet. I like to wake to serenity, the time to reflect on the coming day. I start my meditations,my incantation I start the day with. With the holidays around the corner, I pray for peace and understanding around the world. Without understanding there could be no peace. Why can not the world live in peace and harmony?

In the sixties the youth of the United States protested the war in Vietnam. Why are not the youth of today protesting the terrorism in the world, Starvation in the world, any cruelty that is abhorant in today’s society, or are today’s youth complacent and uncaring? Am I being to harsh? I guess I miss the social upheaval that occurred in the love and peace sixties. See what happens when I have peace and quiet in the morning.

Cocka doodle do! The rooster says his hello. A little late this morning. An Oropendola cries his alien message. Searching for a mate as a Toucan makes his presence known. A noise I like to listen to; it is more fun to watch the Toucan’s mating call ritual. The bird calls out excitedly, perched upright, stretching out his long beak and turning upside down. Ruffling his colorful plume, Screaching for his females to hear. Suddenly he hears a return call and flies off to a different tree and makes the leaves rustle and silence. As the rain begins to fall the silence returns. All you hear is the gurgling of the river and the rain hitting the roof. An occasional car or truck disturbs the peace.

It is another day in Aguacate, fresh, green and clean. Pura Vida!


The early morning mist

I love to walk the early morning mist
I navigate the driveway with its curves and twist
Those mornings the clouds hang low
The mist smooths my face and gives it a morning glow

That tingling sensation: you feel alive
The breeze is gentle as you increase your stride
I love to walk the bricks
Avoiding those that produce slippery tricks

I turn at the gate and head up the steep hill
Cautious not to take a spill
The mist turns to a light rain
The greens seem to sing a refrain

“Don’t leave me now, can’t you smell the fragrance?”
I walk a little faster almost reluctant I stop, take a deep breath
As the rain pounds my breath
Soaked from head to toe

I do not mind I have an efficient glow
My mind alive with fragrances
As I head to the veranda entrance
I sit on my rocker loving life

The dogs want on my lap causing a little strife
LaLa gives a little growl of disapproval
I say no! There is no continued upheaval
She and LuLu lay quietly by the rocking chair
I love our smell that permeates the air

The orchids of different colors
Beautiful is in order
Pura Vida

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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