How do you kickstart your day?

Being retired is quite a bit different than needing to get up out of bed as a working stiff. Getting up in the morning for me depends largely on the time I go to bed. I have no agenda set. I am footloose and fancy free. I work at going to bed early and rising early. I have grown accustomed to sunrises and hot chocolate with marshmallows. Waking up at four am is not unusual and attacking a topic for my daily blog is part of my wake up call.

In retired life, I have five things I do to kickstart my day:

  1.  A long hug and kiss from my Honey
  2. .A warm shower
  3. A hot cup of  hot chocolate and a fresh fruit smoothy
  4. Fifteen minutes of stretching
  5. Meditation

Followed  by a good night of sleep; which is essential for a good kickstart in the morning. I find a major hug and kiss sometimes followed by fun loving fortification, starts my day off with a bang. It gives a feeling that we are in life together and can accomplish anything in our old age. My attitude towards sleep has changed since my younger days. I used to run on two to four hours of sleep a night. Now I want no less than six, but usually eight hours a night. I like to get out of bed and look in the mirror and smile; remind myself I am a good human being. I drink very little alcohol and eat one meal a day.

A warm shower is an essential start of the morning. It softens the muscles and makes you playable for your busy day. Sometimes I just rinse off and enjoy the warm water. On cold Costa Rincan mornings, it is necessary to warm up the body. Of course, it is not thirty degrees, but sometimes fifty-eight degrees feels cold to an old body. We are careful not to abuse the water by staying to long in a shower. Just long enough to get the old bones motivated.

I drink a smoothly first thing in the morning. I sit in the TV room and start to write my blog. Corina makes a cup of hot chocolate made out of Costa Rica chocolate. She puts three large marsh mellows in the hot chocolate and this takes care of my sweet cravings on most days. You see, I am a chocoholic. I love my chocolate! Corina has her coffee (her day has to start with coffee; you coffee drinkers understand) to kick start her day. No American coffee; she wants Costa Rican coffee. Usually 1820 blend and she mixes it with a darker blend. I call it Corina’s Madness; she runs around the house like a mad woman getting things accomplished. After our morning hot drinks we have a smoothly made with fresh fruit: banana, strawberry, blueberries, mango, papaya,watermelon, what ever is available. We put fresh strawberry yogurt, and any two fruits available. We add spiralina, maca, maniga (the miracle leaves), wheat grass, and cocoa . We add water and blend it up. Yummy!!

Fifteen minutes of stretching a day. I was once an extreme athlete. I gave up powerlifting in my sixties. The thrill was gone with the passing of my wife in 2008. It did not seem important anymore, but travel and writing took over. I found walking four or five times a week for a period of a half hour was good for the heart. I would push myself to walk a little faster than normal. If I do not walk I stretch for fifteen minutes in the morning and again in the evening. It gives the body more flexibility and a reason to want to walk.

Meditation is the key to self awareness. I find a good look in the mirror and expressing  a good feeling of oneself goes a long way to having a good day. Like I said above; I smile and say I love myself. I am a beautiful human being and deserve the best things out of life. It is the beginning of my meditation ritual. You can meditate at anytime of the day.  As a matter of fact I do it several times during the course of a day. I could take a trip to Playa Coco  and sit on the beach and meditate. I spend fifteen minutes in the morning and meditate. Sometimes I think of nothing but the number nine. Dedicated to the Beetles song. I believe it may bring inspiration . It blocks all other bad thoughts out of my mind. Clears the mind of unnecessary thoughts. I hope meditation brings forth new thoughts on my poetry and short stories.

I hope you like my thoughts on kick starting your day. PURA VIDA!



I feel sorry for those naysayers
Those people who criticize your ways
Moving to Costa Rica is wrong
Natives will say you do not belong

Your crazy to relocate
How can you relate?
You do not speak Spanish to communicate
When you run out of money it is too late

I found out the move was great
The natives are patient and want to relate
My Spanish is bad, yet they just smile
They say it will take awhile

Be patient and polite
Study,do it right
Soon you will understand
The beauty in this Costa Rican land

I send pictures home to show the beauty I see
The people and place that are now a part of me
I feel sorry for those naysayers
They will never understand why I stay

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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