Rainy mentality

I lay in bed this morning uneager to rustle out of bed. It is a cold December morning and raining heavily. I listen to the large rain drops falling from the eaves to the wet ground. Careening around the house to the river below. The small waterfalls not so small. The large amounts of rain water cascading over the rocks. I love the sound of the river. It is louder than usual, but still it relaxes my mind.

It is a long hug type of day; I chase the puppies to their kennel so Corina and I can hug each other. We spoon each other and the puppies jump  upon our bodies, licking our faces. ” Thank you, that’s enough loving ” as I push the puppies in between us and feel the moment. The puppies LaLa and LuLu always want to be part of the action. They are true huggers.

As we lay I remember the cold winters in my Chicago youth. The rain we are receiving would be two feet of snow. As a kid I would sneak out in the early morning and try to build a snowman. Maybe lay in the snow and make angels in the snow. At the front windows so Mom can see the angels. Dad would see me struggling to lift a large snow ball and he would put on his golashes, gloves and coat with a hood , and help me lift the middle ball to the base of my snowman. We would complete the snowman and my sisters would run out and make a face with a carrot nose and a smiley face with fallen branches and rocks for eyes. Arms made from broken tree limbs . We would run back into the house and Mom made hot chocolate with marshmallow for us to warm up with. We would walk up to our front window and look at our master piece.

Corina and I get out of bed; brush our teeth, wash our face , gargle with listerene and make some coffee for her, hot chocolate with marshmallows for me. We sit down in the TV room and listen to the rain and the river. It will be a rainy  Saturday today. The kind of storm that will keep us indoors. No venturing out in the weather. I ask Corina, ” how about pancakes and no shake this morning. It seems like pancakes and soup for dinner kind of day.” Corina replies, ” That would be nice for a change.”

Corina says she will macrame some pot holders today to keep herself busy. She always needs to be doing things. Me, I like to play my word games or catch a college football game on Wiziwig. An internet site a friend told me about. We will enjoy our wet day in Aguacate. PURA VIDA!


Good Morning

I opened the the window and the screen
Looked out at all the that is green
Not a patch of land could I see dirt
Putting my senses on alert

One deep breath of fresh air
Filling my lungs with no room to spare
There is a scent indescribable
I found nowhere that is comparable

My hairs in my nose tingle
As the rain starts to sprinkle
A freshness so keen
My vitality just springs

The sun pops out of the cloud
Through the light gray shroud
Showing a grand rainbow
With a spectrum of colors so bold

The rainbow stretches across the lake
The vibrant colors shaken me awake
I thank the Lord this day
For the grand morning on display

Welcome to Lake Arenal,Costa Rica

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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