Willy the Wise

Willy The Wise

I thought I would introduce you to an excerpt from a book I am writing. ” Short Stories by Timothy M Nugent”. I am half way through writing my book and would like feed back from my blog readers. How can I improve on the story? Too boring, not enough description, did you enjoy  the story? I will write my blog once a week and schedule it for every Friday, starting this Friday. Thank you for reading my Blog; tmnugent.com. Happy Holidays!

“Grab ahold of the bag and throw him in the hole!” Says Mac. God that hurt I say to myself.I feel every shovel of sand they throw on top of me. My name Is Willy the Wise. I ache over every inch of my body. They worked me over pretty good. Luckily they did not frisk me. I have my pocket knife in my pants, and it will be useful this morning. I hear them drive the truck over the mound of dirt. They drive over and over the sand until they think it is firm enough and I hear them drive off. Boy, do my fingers hurt! It is hard to grab my knife, but I get it opened. I cut the tape on my hands and cut open the burlap bag. I laid in the fetal position with my knees facing towards the sky. Mac did not notice the slightness of that move. It gave me space to put sand. I dig upwards and hope I was not too deep. I need to hurry; I am running out of the air. It is amazing I could breathe at all. I have a couple broken ribs and fingers. Jocko tried to get me to sign over my land, but I refused. He was angry I bought it out from underneath him. I will make millions of that property.

What did they think; they left me my cell phone. I guess Mac figured I did not need it. I text Sam. Only the number 4, it is my trouble number. He will GPS my phone and come and get me. An hour later Sam shows up. “What happened to you?” Sam asks. “I was left for dead by Mac. They beat the hell out of me trying to get me to sign the papers for my property I bought.” “Jocko, since when does Jocko send his goons to clean up a problem?” Sam asks. Sam is a long time Private Eye in Las Vegas. He took a shine on me when I was living on the streets. He and Maxi took me in and adopted me. Maxi is an expensive stripper but is no whore. She only dances for big money. An oddity in Las Vegas, that is why Sam fell in love with her.
“The property is worth big money” I explain how Las Vegas is building a large mall and they want my property. “I found out a year ago from Senator Bell. We went in as partners and formed a corporation to protect it. Jocko did not know about the Senator or the corporation. Won’t he be in for a surprise.” We go to my house, and the door is open. Sam takes out his gun and walks in; no one is here, but they ransacked the house what a mess. I go to my bookcase. It is huge and covers the dining room wall. I push a button and the cabinet swings open. I have a secret basement with a gun safe, which has a smaller safe to put my valuable papers. I open it up and take out a forty-five. “Why do you need that gun? That gun will make too much noise.” Sam says. I bring out the silencer that comes with the weapon. Sam is astonished, “when did you get that?” Sam can not believe his quiet little friend would have a weapon like that. “ Time to seek revenge,” I say.

“ There is a poker game tonight at Jocko’s place.The Mayor and Sherriff will be there. I know they are in this together. I will set at the table and play some poker. Will you help me?” “Of course, I would not miss this opportunity for you to get even.” I take a shower and rest until eight o’clock. The game is at nine P.M. I tell Sam there will be seven people; three guards and four players; Jocko, Mayor Tom, Sherriff Bill and Mac. Sam, You take out the two Guards at the front door” and follow me in.” I hand him the forty-five with the silencer. He is a better shot than me. “The other guard will be sitting on a stool at the bar; you will need to kill him quickly and look at Mac’s hands if he moves for his gun shoot him. The Sherriff is too slow; you should be able to knock him out. Good luck, you sure you want to do this?” “Yes, They killed you didn’t they?” Sam says.

We set the plan into motion. Jocko’s house is out in the desert away from town. I know why because he can do his evil deeds out there and no one will know. I steal a car, an old car so that it will go unnoticed. I was a car thief when I was twelve years old. When I met Sam, it was because I stole his car. He had caught me before I drove off. I do not know what he saw in me, but I am grateful to him. We stop two blocks away and head to the house. There is a block wall eight feet high and a large fence with cameras. I jump on Sam’s shoulders and disconnects the camera. The two guards come away from the house. They come to the gate and open it. Sam shoots them in the head, and we move them into the brush. I know Jocko has two cameras on the porch that rotate one hundred and eighty degrees. “Sam, can you take out the cameras?” Sam smiles ping, ping, no more cameras. “ I knew you were a good shot, but that is amazing,” I tell Sam. Sam smiles, and we head inside. Sam walks in and kills the guard on the stool as Mac goes for his gun. Sam kills him with a shot in the side of the head. The Sherriff stands up and says, “ you know who….bam! Sam hits him on the head and knocks him out. Grabs a lamp cord and hogties and gags him.

Jocko and the Mayor sit and stare in astonishment. “ Your help is dead, why did you try to kill me?” I ask. “ I wanted your land, and you were in the way. Pretty smart putting the property in a corporation. I could not get it until you were proven dead. I was going to dig you up tomorrow and stage an accident.” Jocko says. “ I do not want any part of this,” The mayor says. “You are part of this; you sniffling coward !” Jocko exclaims. I sit at the table and shuffle the deck. “ How about high card wins everything?” I say. “Sure, let’s do it,” Jocko says. I hand the deck to Jocko, and he cuts the deck. I draw first, and I pull a five of spades. Jocko laughs and draws a card. His face turns pale, and he reaches for his gun, and Sam shoots him through the heart.
I look at the card in his hand, and it was the three of diamonds. Plain dumb luck I think to myself. I look at the Mayor and tell him,” I figured we were friends. Why did you do this to me?” “ I knew nothing about what happened to you until I came to play poker tonight. Jocko told me when I got here, and he would not let me go. He said I was his alibi. The Sherrif knew nothing about it either.” The mayor says. I tell Sam to let the Sheriff loose. I explain to the Sheriff what happened the day before.” Why did you not say something about this?” The Sheriff ask. “ I thought you were friends with Jocko. I know you did not care for me.” “That is not true; I always watched you from a distance, because you are a gambler. I was waiting for you to screw up and do something stupid, harm someone. Besides you never gave me your hand in friendship.” The Sheriff says as he holds his hand out to shake. I reach out and shake his hand, and the Sheriff says, “ let’s clean up this mess. I liked Jocko but did not trust him.” We gather the bodies and put them in chairs and put the forty-five in Mac’s hand and fire a round into Jocko. We set the house on fire and leave. The Sheriff would call the fire department and his Sheriffs office. There would be a little investigation that the sheriff would oversee.

The Mayor was happy to be alive and would not say a word about the incident. Two weeks later, The Sheriff, the Mayor, Sam and I would play golf as if nothing had happened. It would be a regular date, twice a month playing a round of golf followed by a card game at the Mayor’s house on the ninth green. I would lose once in awhile at cards. I did not want my friends feeling sorry. I have a photographic memory and I very seldom lose. I would make the Sheriff, Mayor and Sam officers in my corporation. They would quit their jobs after their terms were over. We would live the comfortable life. I would play poker twice a month. Sam gave me the Moniker,”Willy the Wise” after a night of gambling and fun. He would say he never met a man as smart as me. “ It is easy if you have a photographic memory” I would tell him. “ I am glad you are my friend, Sam.” “Me too,” Sam says.

He is Willy the Wise
A man of little compromise

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