Remembering Christmas


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I know I wrote saying my blog would be out on every Friday,but I couldn’t help telling you about my good fortune. Last night I had dinner with my Costa Rican friend, Carlos and his family.He invited Corina and I for Christmas Eve with his family. He owns a auto repair shop in Tilarán, Costa Rica. He is a simple hardworking man. Why he feels a kinship with me is beyond me. We have little in common,  other than being  comfortable with each other. He speaks little English, and I little Spanish, yet we are able to communicate with each other.

His family has never tasted a traditional prime rib roast with mash potatoes and vegetables. It is more money then he wishes to part with. A couple of days before Christmas I take him to Liberia, to San Martin meat company. I buy a six kilo prime rib   roast and we stop for a buffet lunch and discuss our Christmas dinner. He decides he will make mash potatoes and vegetables and I will cook the main course. We have a nice lunch and make the hour and a half trip back home.

Corina goes all out and bakes: homemade buns, cookies, Cerveche, a Caramel Apple pie and egg nog ( they have never tasted egg nog). I cook the Prime Rib and it is delicious if I do say so.We drive to Carlos’s house and he is waiting to help us. We carry the food into the house. I set the Prime rib on the table and his eyes light up wide. Carlos says it smells terrific in his broken English. He introduces us to his family: An uncle, Mom, Mom’s best friend, his wife and two children.

We love the kindness shown us tonight and enjoy the family who work hard at making us feel welcome. It is fun watching my new friends try something new. Isabella Mom’s best friend is hesitant about eating a big piece of beef. I cut a small tender piece and put it on her plate. It was about two ounces of meat that I chose very carefully. Giving here the most tender piece I could find.” Hmmm! Muy Bien,” she says. Carlos poars me another Scotch and we salute to family and friends. It is getting late and time to leave. We say good night and head home.

We enter our rental and notice we have no decorations. Carlos’s house had a nice array of Christmas decoration. We go to bed, thankful for our evening we enjoyed. We wake up for some passionate Christmas morning sex and sleep in until seven- thirty this morning. It is late for us because we usually awake at five or six in the morning. We have our usual morning beverages, Hot Chocolate with marshmallows for me and Coffee for Corina. We look for Christmas music to start our day and settle for a Christmas movie. The movie reminds me of Christmas of old. I am sadden knowing Christmas will never be the same. Some family members have let their emotions have the better of them, instead of moving on and forgiving each other for their part in the split.

I moved on to Costa Rica and am enjoying PURA VIDA. No stress from family members or the life I had in Las Vegas, Nevada. Being retired I chose to better my life by having less. Less tension, less opinion( if I listened to family saying I was crazy to go to CR) and a calm that came over me the first day I rented a place here in Costa Rica. Christmas will be quiet and peaceful. Thankful to my friend Carlos wishing to develop a friendship with this strange American. Deep down inside I wish for that family Christmas where the whole family is together, but until then; I hope you all have a marvelous Christmas and a happy new year.

Pura Vida!


It’s the time of the year for celebration,
Homemade pies, turkey, and inebriation,.
Family gathering and reflection,
Making longtime friendly connections.

Forging to greater clarity,
Looking for loving charity,
Helping all people,
Keeping life simple.

Hot chocolate and oatmeal cookies,
Watching Christmas movies,
An open fire under the stars,
A full moon with evergreen smells from afar.

A blanket and a hug with your love,
Making wishes to the stars up above,
Simple wishes at Christmas time,
Peace on earth for all mankind.

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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