Rain in December


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Guanacaste, Costa Rica has been in a shroud of clouds and rain most of December, until today. Bright and sunny, the dogs are eager to go outside and play. Strange thing is I hear no other dogs , monkeys, or birds. No large dump trucks to cause the air to shake. Can you explain this phenomanon? It is stunning outside, the air is crisp and fresh; the sun is bright and the wind brisk and no one is outside. Are they stunned by the change of weather or is the complacency of heavy rain instilled in their minds and bodies? Is it the Holiday spirit that has tired out our bodies and we need a day of rest before we party the New Year tonight?

I know it took me a few minutes to get my lazy body out of bed. It was seven a.m., late for me, for I am out of bed by five a.m. at the latest most mornings. Maybe because it was cold and crisp this morning and the warm bodies were so inviting. A few more hugs, and petting of the girlfriend and our dogs LaLa and LuLu. Always a nice start to any day, then the sun peaked through my window and my brain exploded with excitement. I jumped out of bed, put on my shorts and t-shirt, and before I could slip on my sandals, LaLa and LuLu were jumping up and down at the front door. The skies are blue and the clouds were no where to be seen. Not unusual, rain is always expected in December, as Corina brings out the laundry to hang on the clothes line.

Yesterday Corina brought out clothes to dry, because the ten day forecast for Guanacaste said partly cloudy and a chance of rain.It rained all day, off and on and the clothes stayed damp. Oh well, such is the weather in the rain forest in December. It is sunny today, we are going to explore and have some fun in the sun. Maybe go to La Fortuna: play in the park or go window shopping. Look for a furniture store and have a Tico lunch. A day that we do not coup our selves in our house. May you have a great day and an adventurist heart.


Beginning of the day

I hear a whining in the kennel
Our dogs seem to be unsettled
After all they slept all night
Who cares if it is only five

Quiet I say in a firm voice
After all is it not I who has the choice
Two hours later I awake
I reach down and open the gate

Out they bound in such a hurry
On the bed they scurry
Eager to play they scratch the covers
On top of me the lick and hover

I push them off and run to the door
They follow to play some more
They hurry to the kitchen to the doggy door
Jump on the glass as if to implore

Out they run and run
Playing in the cool morning sun

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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