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IMG_3219I was never a good reader. If I could as a child I would avoid reading. I do not remember Mom or Dad reading to us as children. Now as an adult, I read everyday and twice on Sunday. How much do you read? I like poetry, short stories and self help books when I was a young business person. Now I write poetry and I am working on a book of short stories. I thought I would give you an example of one of my short stories. Enjoy!



The Sanctuary

He is an angry man. He is angry with God. He is angry mostly with himself and the years he wasted. Work, work was his mantra and partying was his release. He drank too much and played with the wrong women. Young, vivacious women, whom he could not leave alone. Hashish, marijuana, beer, Teguila; more the merrier, he would party until he could not walk.
Frank was a good man to have a fun time with and generally outlasted the best of the partners.

Frank worked twelve-sixteen hours a day. He was a restaurant manager who was good at his job. He tolerate no slackers; if you partied with him you better do your job or you were gone. He had incredible stamina; working on no sleep or maybe an hour. One morning he arrives home drunk at seven, his wife of twenty years is leaving for work. “Where were you all night?” She ask. “I called and said we would be at County line and would stay over night. It was a birthday party for Herman; one of my cooks.” Frank says. ” You stop leaving me alone all night or we will not be together. Your restaurant closes at one A.M., there is no reason you should leave me alone,” Sammy says. “Your right Honey, it is time for me to slow down.” He kisses Sammy good bye and tells her he will make dinner tonight. Frank takes a shower and goes to bed. He wakes six hours later and prepares dinner: Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon with a Red wine mushroom sauce with asparagus in lemon butter sauce. It is Sammy’s favorite dinner. Sammy comes home to the aroma of the Barbecue and the steaks sizzling. Frank moves to the dining room table to pour some red wine and picks up two plates. He takes three sprigs of asparagus and places on each plate; adds a steak to each plate and walks into the kitchen and puts mushroom sauce on each steak and lemon butter sauce on the asparagus. A generous sprig of parsley on the sides of the plates and goes to the dining room. Sammy is sitting anxiously for her meal and is delighted with the presentation. “Honey, we should open our own restaurant, this is beautiful,” Sammy exclaims. Frank gives her a kiss and sits down for the meal. He promises to change his life. He thinks to himself, how could I be so stupid? Frank would mend his ways as the years blow by. Before he knows it, he and Sammy are married for thirty-five years. Late one night, Frank is busy counting money when the phone rings. “Frank this is Bill, Sammy was in a seven eleven and was shot by a robber and has died.” “What!” Frank yells. “She was at a late movie and was driving and stopped to buy a bottle of wine, I am at the hospital, when can you get here?” Frank tells him,” A half hour” and Frank quickly puts the money away and calls the boss to come in early and he goes to the hospital. Bill shows Frank to the room where Sammy is. She looks beautiful he thinks and begins to cry.

Five months have passed since Sammy’s death and Frank has quit his job. He tells his boss he could not do the job the boss expects from him. Money is not an issue he and Sammy made good investments in case of an untimely demise. Frank buys a new full dress Harley Davidson to travel the country. He loves his San Francisco home, but needs to get away. The house is empty without his lover and friend. Every time he looks into the empty closet Frank cries. He has lost thirty pounds because he has had no alcohol in five months. Frank sits at his wife’s desk and maps out his travels. He wishes to get lost; no TV, phone or wifi, where should I go? Frank ponders.

He loves his I pad. He does all his communicating on the device. Banking, writing down thoughts as he travels and he can save maps for his trip. Once he saves them he will not need wifi. Frank has planned a long trip: it is June second, he will travel to Alaska, it is thirty-two hundred miles. He will stop in Eugene to visit an old friend for a few days; Seattle ,Washington and hopefully it is clear for a day or two and take the ferry from Anacortes to Victoria, B.C. Canada. He packs lightly; three of everything, socks, undies, t-shirts and pants. One nice pull over shirt with a pocket for a nice dinner out.
A sweatshirt and heavy leather jacket and his all weather boots. Waterproof and light, so he can do lots of exploring. A pair of warm riding gloves; waterproof fur, on the inside and rubber on the outside in case of a cold rain. A pair of fingerless gloves for hot weather riding. Frank does not like to scrape the palms of his hands if he needs to drop the Harley in case it is the only way to avoid a fatal accident. Frank is ready to leave tomorrow. He has a tire kit for repairs and a pump that works off the engine and an extra tube, in case he cannot repair the hole in the tire. A national map book in case he wants to go some place he did not plan and there is no wifi. Frank calls his friend Joan who will be staying at his home while he is away. Joan is Sammy’s best friend; a Fiery redhead with the temper of a truck driver. She is single and a go getter. Frank likes Joan, but it is too soon since Sammy’s death and Frank can not get close to another female right now. It is not right Frank thinks. He invites her to dinner tonight to give her last minute instructions for the house.

Frank and Joan have a pleasant dinner and Frank was happy with Joan staying at the house. Frank is up at three in the morning. Leaves Joan a thank you note calling her “Red”, not because of her red hair, but the red flush she gets when she is angry. Frank smiles about the note as he opens the garage door. Frank puts the clicker in the holder on the bike, puts his helmet on and connects the communication cable and rides north towards Santa Rosa. His I phone is hooked wirelessly to his motorcycle and can call anywhere at anytime as long as he has cell towers. If no cell tower he uses wifi and magic jack. All his friends and family have magic jack in case of emergencies. It is a beautiful early morning. No one is on the road and the road is smooth, no holes or large bumps. Travel time is about two and a half hours to Willits, California. It is the first gas stop. Frank pulls in for gas and notices something unusual. Frank calls the police and waits. The police arrive and Frank tells them he saw the attendant with her hands in the air and found it strange and called them. What a way to start my ride Frank thinks. The policeman approach the building with caution. Another policeman arrives and tells Frank to get behind his car so he is protected and goes around the back. Suddenly shots ring out. A bullet stings by Franks arm and he ducks under the car. He looks up and sees a man with a gun walk out of the building and collapses. The police run out to the man and announces he is dead. The attendant runs up to Frank and gives him a hug and a thank you for calling the police. She is very happy he was so observant. The police tell Frank his timing was great. Frank leans over to put gas in his bike and the policeman stops him. ” What do you have in the lining of your jacket?” Ask the officer. “A forty-five automatic,” Frank says quietly. The officer steps back and reaches for his gun as Frank hands him apiece of paper with a card attached to it. Frank has a rare concealed weapons permit from the state saying he was given permission to carry while traveling. “You came prepared didn’t you.” The officer says as he hands Frank his papers. “Why did you not go into the building to help out the attendant?” “I am not the professional, you are.” Frank says. The officer smiles, ” Thank you for showing good judgement and I hope to see you again. Next time in town give me a call and visit for the day.” The policeman hands him a card that reads; Lt. James Dawber, it has his private number. Frank pockets his card and mounts his bike. Heads to Fort Brag, about an hour away, down highway twenty. It is a beautiful morning, clear blue skies as Frank feels the temperature change as he rides along the windy highway. Frank loves the crispness in the air as he pulls into the town and stops for breakfast. He locks his bike and goes into the restaurant. He orders ham and eggs scrambled with cheddar cheese. Asking the server to scramble the cheese with the eggs, if possible. The server smiles and walks away. Frank calls Joan to see if everything was ok. The server brings Frank his breakfast and it is perfect. The home fries were seasoned great with a little red pepper flakes that Frank loves. Frank is surprised because not everyone like hot spices in their food. Frank pays for his check and rides towards Eureka. It will be a three hour ride and he will stay over night at the motel six and have an early dinner at Applebee’s. As he walks through the door a server runs up to him and gives him a hug and a kiss. “How are you Frank?” Frank is shocked and it takes him a minute to recognize Carmen. Forty years ago she was a skinny nineteen year old who he had a fling with before he met Sammy. I am good and hungry. Carmen shows him to a table and hands him a menu. They have a little chit chat and Carmen excuses herself to take care of customers. My, she has filled out to be quite a good looking woman, Frank thinks. Frank would order his Riblits he likes and devours them with a beer. Frank pays the young server as Carmen stops by. “Frank I am off in fifteen minutes. How about I meet you at your hotel?” Frank tells Carmen that he is at room two at Motel Six and walks out of the restaurant. Frank is nervous. Should he have said yes? Sammy has been gone for only five months and he is feeling guilty.

Carmen arrives with a bottle of Casadorez Tequila. She knows it is Frank’s favorite. Frank opens the door and Carmen looks beautiful. She is forty-nine years old and looks like she is thirty years old. Frank takes off her coat and she is wearing a nightly. Carmen reaches down and grabs Franks crouch and massages it. It is comforting to Frank but he begins to cry. Carmen stops and sits on the bed. Her jaw had dropped and can not believe what she sees. Frank composes himself and sits next to her. “What’s the matter Frank?” Carmen ask and Frank tells her his sad story. They lay back on the bed and Carmen hands Frank a sip of Tequila. He has not had alcohol for awhile and it taste good to him at this moment. Frank finishes the drink and Carmen pours them another. Carmen tells Frank not to worry. Sammy would not begat you having a little fun loving sex with an old partner. She caresses his body and the fall into some hot sex and fall asleep. At six in the morning Carmen caresses Franks male organ and sets herself on top of him and massages it with her vagina as they both have orgasms. Frank smiles as Carmen gets out of bed and takes a shower. Carmen comes out of the shower steamy dry and dresses. ” I need to go to work. You think you can hang around a few days?” Carmen ask.
“Yes, I am in no hurry to go anywhere. I am on my way to Alaska and would like to be gone in two days.” Carmen hands Frank a piece of paper with her phone number and address. ” Check out of the hotel and meet me at my home.” Carmen says.

Frank gives Carmen a kiss and tells her he will be there. Carmen will be off at three in the afternoon. Frank rides to the center of town and walks around town, having lunch at a little bistro across from a bank with a beautiful mural, depicting the ethnicity of the city. Eureka is a beautiful little city he thinks. He finishes his dip sandwich, pays his check and rides to Carmen’s house. He is a little early and knocks on the door. The house is huge on about five acres of mountain land. Why is Carmen working if she has a home this big?Frank thinks. The doors open with a young girl and an older woman the spitting image of Carmen. ” My name is Carlota and this is my daughter Theresa, Frank. Come on in. Mom told me you might show up a little early.” Carlota says. Carlota and Frank sit down and have a nice chat until Carmen comes in the door. Carlota and Carmen started an online business selling everything from books to car parts and have done very well. Hence, the large property and house. Carmen’s husband passed away a few years ago. He was a local lawyer who made some shrewd property investments, Carmen sold to pay off the house and property. Carlota divorced her husband because of child abuse. He received a ten year sentence and will not be released for five more years.

Frank has a great time with Carmen and spent two days but must be on his way. Carmen ask Frank to keep in touch and let her know about his travels. Frank thanks Carmen for helping him forget the pain and rides off in the early morning mist. Coos Bay, Oregon is four and half hours away. Frank stops at a restaurant in Bandon, Oregon. It is cold outside for June and has a Chili and Cheese Omelet with a little onion and Chalua.
Some hot coffee and Frank is in seventh heaven. Frank enjoyed the ride through the redwoods to Crescent City and the coast of Oregon. Riding through Brookings and Gold city was very windy. Luckily he packed his heavy gloves. The full face helmet kept his eyes protected. Maybe it was the wind that made breakfast taste so good. Frank stops down the road for gas and heads to Coos Bay. The winds let up a bit and is pushing him from the back. Great, the wind slows down when in my direction, Frank thinks it will help gas mileage. Frank loves Coos bay, especially the flower pots hanging from the ornamental poles. He remembers how Sammy used to love the flowers and the fishing boats on the bay. Frank pulls into the Harley shop and has the mechanic drill a hole through the heel – foot shifter and put a lock nut and washer with a bolt. The shifter becomes loose on a long trip and wants to fall off. This will prevent that and Frank will not have to worry about it. The shop manager says it is covered under warranty. Frank decides to have the oil changed and the oil filter. He has a long ride ahead of him. Frank figures he will put ten thousand miles and two oil changes before the trip is done. A new set of tires by the time he gets back to San Francisco, California.Frank calls Red to tell her about his trip. She is excited about it and is glad he is having a good time. The bike is ready and Frank heads to his reservation at Motel Six. It is a suite that Sammy and Frank stayed in the last time he was in Coos Bay. In the morning he will head to Seattle, Washington. It is six hours away, but Frank will stop in Eugene, Oregon and spend a couple days with Ken. A friend from his Air Force days who he has kept in touch with the last forty-five years. Ken is a quiet man, living alone since his wife passed away two years ago. Frank sees that Ken needs to get away. ” Hey Ken, you want to go to Alaska with me?” Frank says. “No Thanks says Ken, but I will go to Victoria with you. I know a nice place to stay and it isn’t too pricey. Let’s leave in the morning.” Ken says. “Great! Sounds good to me.” Frank says.

In the morning the bikes are loaded and ready to go. Ken has a Honda Gold Wing with all the accessories. The weather is a little misty with a chance of heavy rain in Seattle. It is five hours to Seattle. We will be staying at a B&B next to a large park. A little pricey, it will be my most expensive stay but it is only for the night and tomorrow we go to Anacortes for the ferry. Frank made reservations for the ferry. It cost sixty dollars, it was a short wait to board the ferry. On board they meet two other riders, both were from Los Angeles and worked in the film industry. They were going up into Northern Canada to a brothers house. They were a very private couple and said their goodbyes as they climbed the staircase to the waiting area. We packed our helmets and went upstairs. It began to rain as the ferry left the dock; the rain was bone chilling and would last a couple of hours as the ferry heads to Friday Island. Frank likes Friday Island, but made no plans to stay there this trip. Sammy enjoyed our stay here, Frank thinks as he becomes a little misty eyed. “You ok Frank?” Ken asked, Ken was always very observant, ” I was remembering the good times I had with Sammy here.” Frank says. The boat pulls up to the dock, it will be a few minutes while the people disembark. Frank walks up to the bar and buys two hot chocolates and a couple of ham and egg and cheese sandwiches. It is a couple of more hours to Victoria,BC.,and Ken is hungry. It is a beautiful ferry ride, the wind has blown the dark clouds away and the blue skies have arrived. The temperature has risen to sixty degrees, it will be a wonderful ride today to the Hotel. Ken and Frank have decided to travel around town and visit all the sites. Our room at The James Bay B&B was fabulous and only a few blocks away from town center.
The highlight of the trip to Victoria was Butchart Gardens. An old stone quarry that was made into a botanical pleasure tour with wonderful array of different colored flowers, trees and bushes from all over the world. Frank took over two thousand pictures of the gardens that spread over acres of stone quarry. It is truly a magnificent sight! Frank thinks he would like to visit here again. It has been a long day, Frank and Ken head to the hotel. Tomorrow begins Franks travel to Alaska and Frank wants to go to bed early. They get to the hotel and have a beer and a shot of Tequila. They have enjoyed their time together but will head their separate ways in the morning. Frank tells Ken, ” our trip together was great, thanks for the fun and have a save trip home.” Ken says ditto and they walk up to the room for a shower and sleep. Frank will be off to Alaska in the morning.

Frank has a cup of coffee and a bowl of fruit and is on his way to Alaska. Frank had a rack bolted on the back axel to fit over the rear fender. It holds a five gallon aluminum gas can with a spout to pour into his motorcycle gas tank. He will be able to travel approximately five hundred miles before he stops for gas. If he travels at sixty miles an hour he can get fifty miles to the gallon. No less than forty-five miles a gallon if conditions are bad. He had a new gas valve put on his six gallon tank. It connects to the gas tank on the fender, which runs along the seat. The tanks fits high on the fender and flows downward to the valve. When the yellow light goes on for gas stop, Frank will switch on the valve and it will take over for the main tank. He tested his invention on the Nevada desert roads and averaged five hundred and twenty miles before he got nervous and filled up. Frank is eager to ride and decides to travel to Cache Creek. It is about Four hundred miles or six and a half hours to ride. Just outside if town, Frank takes the ferry to Surrey and heads up highway seventeen to British Columbia highway one. He left a little late, it was seven A.M., he wanted to be refreshed when he left. Two hours later Frank would pull over and put on some rain gear as the sky began to get ominous. Weather changes quickly Frank thinks to himself. The closer he gets to Cache Creek the more elk and Caribou Frank sees. He stops and takes pictures to show family when he gets home. Frank rides into town as the residence stair at his Harley. He fills up at the local gas station and rides over to the hotel. Frank finds the hotel too expensive and decides to go to 100 Mile house. It is an hour away and Frank hopes to find a room. The first hotel he sees he is going to ask for a room. He pulls into the 100 Mile House motel. They have a room for seventy dollars American and he takes it. He likes it because he can pull the motorcycle almost to the window. He bought a sandwich across the street at a shop. He buys a soda and takes it to the motel room. He can not believe how beautiful the mountains are. There are many lakes in the area and large cattle ranches. Frank wakes up to the sound of moose and looks out the window as two large moose weighing about twenty-five hundred pounds apiece walk towards the mountains and prairies. Frank has never seen a moose before. He walks out to take a picture and the Moose turns and walks towards him. Frank takes a quick picture and runs into the room as the Moose gives an angry cry. Moose do not like you to get too close. They have been known to attack people. Frank is laughing and thanking himself for leaving the room door open. Frank goes to bed at eight and wants an early start in the morning. First light Frank is moving. Too early for breakfast so he heads down the road too Prince George.


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