Have you travelled lately?

I came home to the USA to file my taxes with my accountant in Crocket , California. It gave me a reason to visit old friends and relatives. I live part time in beautiful Costa Rica , which is heading into their summer season and prices for travel will increase. I visited my brother in Santa Clarita , California and we went to the Ventura Beach shown above. As you can see it is awesome. The weather was sweatshirt cool and I love sitting in a chair and watch the people walk by enjoying the sand and ocean. When was the last time you sat on a cool beach and relaxed?

I love to travel but have not gone to far off places lately. I am concentrating on building an inexpensive house overlooking Lake Arenal and wish to conserve my monies. I needed to have my taxes done and chose to come home. My drivers license was expiring and need to renew; plus I needed to have the travel star put on my license. A new quirk the state gonverment added for us  travellers to get more money out of else with the guise of saying it is extra security. Do you buy that explanation? As if we are not watched close enough with all the GPS tracking that is done.

I pad tracking, cell phone tracking, FB tracking, and now they wish to look at emails to see if you are sending terrorist information. Is privacy a thing of the past? If you have a foriegn bank account with ten thousand dollars in it; you have to report it to the IRS. With that large amount of cash you must be a money launderer. Give me a break! I want to get a reverse mortgage on my house in Las Vegas,Nevada. You must live in the house six months out of the year. Hey Mr. Banker are you going to sit outside my house and make sure I comply? What a joke! Now they want to restrict your movements.

I realised how lucky I truely am. I get to live in a foreign country for little money and not listen to the mayhem with family and large cities. I see little traffic and few people. I do not listen to the news about the murders that happen everyday in Las Vegas or Los Angeles. Major Crime in Costa Rica is almost non exsistant and I can not enter the states with out my gold star on my license. Oh my, that is a shame! What should I do? I am back in Aquacate, Costa Rica looking at a beautiful lake and enjoying Margaritas. What would you do?

Beach    adventurist?

The Costa Rican Lady

She was short; Maybe forty five kilo’s
She wore sandals and walk like she were on pillows
Quietly with purpose
She wore a skin tight dress with a matching purse

It was white with a plunging neckline
You couldn’t help but stare she caught your eye
The diamond set in the crevice of her breasts
Stiletto shoes to compliment the dress

A droopy Panamanian hat shaded her eyes
Bright red with a white ribbon hand tied
Again you stared and she caught your glance
She smiled, laughed, as she put you in her trance

“You like what you see?”
Suddenly you wake up from your dream
You put your head back down
Give a little frown

Tomorrow you leave Costa Rica
Even if you dreamed of a Chiquita
You had a great time


Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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