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Life in Costa Rica changes every day. Some days we hear HowlerMonkeys everyday. Sometimes the monkeys are gone for a couple of weeks.The Toucans show up most days in the late afternoon as the sun starts to set or in the early morning as the sun rises. It is as if they were the clocksetters for the day. Oropendolas wake us up early morning with their signature alien cry out to the world. Do you get to enjoy nature at its best or do you hear the sounds of trucks, cars, and tractors in the early morning?

Parakeets squeech as they scoop into a tree; fifty at a time, making sure the world hears them arrive. I love the sounds of Aquacate, Costa Rica as the vibrant summer begins. We sit out on our veranda drinking hot chocolate and coffee; watching the animals perform their daily task and listening to the river at the bottom of the property.Our dogs take the opportunity to welcome neighbors; be it human or animal, with their loud barks demanding attention. Our neighbor Miguel shouts out,” Hola! Como estas usted?” As he begins his day of work. Seventy- two years old and he actively works his contruction job. Miguel spent thirty-two years in the lumber industry as a lumberjack. He looks like he is fifty years of age. Truly an amazing example of the beauty in Costa Rica.

The sunrises this early morning with it’s orange reddish glow. The gray clouds attempt to thwart the suns glory to bring in the vitamin D our bodies need. We have had no rain the past couple of days and the weatherman says we are due. I will enjoy our rainless morning and breathe in the fresh air that harbors no smog from over population of cars ,trucks or heavy equipment and listen to the river that reminds my body and soul the gifts God has brought us. As a gentle breeze massages my senses with fragrances of pine, evergreen, cut grass and flowers of the region. My senses come alive with natures wonderment.

The rain will come today, as the sky turns gray. Maybe it will be a warm misty rain that covers the rain forest and allows a walk that soothes the face. I like the misty rain. The sun tends to return early and dries the body. A heavy rain quiets the earth as the animals hide until the sun calls them out. Usually the small birds venture first and whistle loud to let the inhabitants know it is ok to venture forth. PURA VIDA! Life is grand in Aquacate, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

The palm trees are swaying softly with the wind.
The thunder is crackling as the rain begins.
Silver-dollar-size droplets steam off the ground,
Cooling the air as people mill around.

Nobody rushing to get under cover,
Sniffing the aromas that seem to hover.
It has been an unusually warm winter’s day.
The storm passes, and the sun makes its way.

People are leisurely dressed,
The ladies in bikinis or a sundress,
The men in shorts and tank tops,
No shoes, just sandals or flip flops.

No business done today,
Go to church, it is Sunday.
Family time, barbecue, and the beach,
Soccer playing out of Dad’s reaches.

Mid-seventies and no more rain,
Perfect for the day’s play,
A little soccer and a little surfing,
Late tonight, Dad will be hurting.

A beautiful day in Costa Rica.





Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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