Did you wake up thanking God ?



I woke up this morning at three A.M. Thanking God for my five senses. My dog was laying between myself and my girlfriend. I pet my dog  and realized how wonderful it was to have a sense of feel. I rub my girlfriend’s side and felt the silkiness of her skin and realized the joy she brings to my life and take a deep sigh of wonderment. What if I did not have two hands to feel? It must be devastating to young men who loose their limbs in times of battle. I cringe at the thought of loosing any of my five senses. How would you deal with such a loss?

I am slowly loosing my hearing. It scares me to think I could never hear the sounds of the morning. The birds arriving in the trees: the Orapendola with it’s alien call I love to listen to in the early morning. The call of the Dove that sounds like a barn owl hooting  away. The barking of the Howler Monkeys and the early morning dogs. My favorite is the Lamintations of the rooster and the chickens early every morning. I would miss the sounds of rain and the whistling of the wind through the leaves of the trees. Thank you Lord for my five senses.

I would  be devastated if I ever lost my sight. The pleasure a beautiful sunset or sunrise brings to my memory, my active mind. Not being able to see my girlfriends beautiful blue eyes or the color of flowers or trees. Do you ever think about how lucky we truly are to have these sensations of hearing ,touching , smelling, tasting, and seeing?

Smelling and tasting are so closely intertwined. I love to cook and smell the fragrances of cooking. The smell of  garlic , basil, and oregano as I am stewing or cooking a spaghetti sauce for hours makes my mouth water with anticipation. A beautiful loaf of cinnamon- raisin bread as it bakes in the early morning oven fills the air with anticipation of your first bite of the buttery, peanut butter and honey slice of cinnamon-raisin toast. I remember growing up as my mother made apple slices for our dinner dessert. The aroma would spread throughout the neighborhood bringing kids to our house to savior my mom’s delicacy.

Do you remember those times and etched them in your memories for all times? I am a lucky man! Thank you Lord for imposing such great gifts on us. PURA VIDA!


Orange,gray, black and red
Colors so beautifully blend
Sinking in a reflecting ocean
Effecting all the emotions

Memories of love gone by
The orange sphere setting before your eyes
Calm and fragile you resist
Memories of walks through ocean mist

Loneliness takes its toll
As you feel the sunsets hold
Her hands in yours never more
Chimes from the church off shore
Awaken from your dream once more

You watch the setting sun
As the fight for light succumbs
To darkness curtain call
You search your feelings once more

Red falls to black
Gray fighting to keep orange on track
You marvel at the beauty
Tomorrow head back to duty

Orange, gray, black and red
You hope to keep this memory in your head


Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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