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What is the measure of a persons success? How do you measure a person’s success in life? Is it being a good father or mother during your lifetime and watch your children grow up as decent people?  Help them graduate from college whether you pay for it or show them the way you worked your way through the educational system. Maybe you are a poor individual with a high school education who has six kids and put clothes on their backs and shoes on their feet Made sure they had food to eat. You never bought yourself a watch, or a new car. You took the bus to work; first at McDonalds and then you second job as a custodian at Kmart for six to eight hours a day. You live in a two bedroom house that you put ten thousand dollars down for a mortgage forty years ago. The mortgage was paid and you borrow fifty thousand dollars to send your kids through college.  You tell your oldest son to get work at the college to help pay for school.  You tell him you have a little money to share with all the kids to go to school, but you must work and get good grades. Your tell your kids to be different than him; make a lot of money so you will not be poor like me.

The children graduate from college, two are mechanics who went to trade school and learned how to operate their own shops. Two daughters married men like their Father, hard working men who are partners in a landscaping business that does very well. Both men are in their thirties, raising a family and going to school at night to learn landscaping designs. Two  sons graduated from college: one is a lawyer who opened a firm to help anyone who needs help and the other became biologist.

It is Mom and Dad’s fiftieth anniversary and the family gathers at Mom and Dad’s little house to celebrate. Dad tells his family how proud he is of them. The eldest son says, ” Dad we want to stop working, we sons and daughters want to take care of you.  You are seventy years old and can enjoy life with us.” ” I enjoy life every single day son. Remember the joy you and I had as we built that bird house hanging on the porch. How you got so much joy in finishing the final paint job on the bird house. That project gave Mom and I an Idea of what we wished to accomplish in life. A loving family, who knew how to take care of each other.” The sons and daughters rush over to thank their parents for the lessons they showed the children.

Does it matter to you whether you have wishes of gold and silver and a house of four thousand square feet or the riches of a lifetime of love and the knowledge you were always cared for?  How do you measure your success?

The Old Man

He was an electrician by trade
A union man made
Born in Kansas City
Tough stout and gritty

Took nothing from any man
Loved only one woman
Spoiled his daughter
Made his son strong
so he did not falter

Worked hard all his life
Quit drinking
when it caused too much strife
Unforgiving when he felt wronged
He felt this was being strong

He worked on the Golden Gate Bridge
Hanging lights over the edge
Hanging three hundred feet over the water
Hanging free without any shelter

He was a man I admired
His arrogance made you smile
He was my best friend’s dad
Whose son affectionately called him
the old man

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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