How did you wake up this morning?


My bones ache this morning! My little pinky finger on my right hand hurts like someone smashed it with a hammer. My lower back aches giving me a head ache; something I very seldom have. The weather is very humid after a large storm front came in last night. I can feel the humidity in the air as it sticks to my skin like a glove. The fan feels cool on my body as I roll over to look at Corina. It relieves my sore back and I feel comfortable. The dogs, LaLa and LuLu, normally lay between us, but this morning they lay together at the end of the bed. Enjoying the coolness of our floor fan, far from the heat of our bodies.

How are your aches and pains this morning? I am spoiled, I feel pain very seldom, so let me whine a little bit. Unlike Corina, who is in pain daily, does not have the luxury of a pain free day. Only days that are less painful that allow her to experience a more adventurous attitude. Can you understand what she must live through? Do you experience mornings that are full? Corina’s morning are always full; afternoons are on the patio, sitting in a chair with her feet up, working on macrame. I guess I have no right to complain. Pura Vida! The rain begins as Corina and I get out of bed and stretch. It is raining buckets as we cut through the humid air. At least it is not eighty degrees with one hundred degree humidity. I hope you are having a comfortable day. Pura Vida! Free access: push the life link below



We all grow old
As our lives unfold
Every breath we make
A second of life escapes

Those who are bold
Live to be very old
Exercise and moderation
Keeps death in hibernation

Precious are the seconds
Those lost to madness beckon
A breath taken harshly
Gone so sharply

Soon the seconds are lost to minutes
Minutes to hours, hours to days minuets
Soon years construed to seconds lost
Alas the last breath is boss

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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