Five things to remember when every thing is going wrong

understandingHave you ever had one of those days you wish you stayed in bed? You tripped on the bed sheet and almost hit your head on the corner of the dresser drawer, which happened to be partially open. You turn to your wife and say,” why is your draw open? Keep it closed!” A bit angry at yourself for being so clumsy. You walk into the bathroom to take a shower and turn on the hot water and begin to showers and you are out of soap. Ahhhhh!

You shut off the shower remembering it is Saturday and grab for the towel; ahhhhh! No towel. You wipe yourself off with a small hand towel and dive into bed, semi wet and hug your wife. ” Let me guess, no bath towel?” Giggles the wife. Feeling guilty, you have make up sex.  After a romp in the hay, you ask your self, how can I turn my day around? Five ways to turn your day around:

1. Meditate for fifteen minutes before you jump out of bed: I am good! I finish what I start. I have trusted friends who like me for who I am, not what I have. Peace and serenity follows me all day.

2. Look in the mirror and smile. You can not help but feel great! You are God’s beautiful creation and you expect a great day.

3. If you find yourself losing your temper with someone or something; close you’re eyes and search for peace and serenity. Count to ten and walk away. Come back later to discuss the situation when you have a viable answer. If there is not any, agree to disagree; if it is a boss, listen and make a choice, no I will not or yes  I will do it. If you lose your job you do it with dignity.

4. When life’s pressure builds up and you feel alone; find that place that gives you comfort, that precious alone time. Do you have a beautiful back yard you can listen to natures wisdom. Sometimes a Woodpecker tapping on an oak tree or the ocean waves orchestrating an answer into your overwhelmed libido. A great walk in the city and simple observation of people. Sometimes a good walk will show you there are people who have bigger problems than you.

5. Workout your frustrations in a Gym, Dojo, or park activity. Competitive basketball, volleyball or swimming makes your mind numb to aggregations that haunt your fragile psyche. Talking with a close friend brings out answers you may have never thought of.

Turn your day around with simple acts of kindness; help a person carry groceries to their car or walk an old person across the street. Work a community outreach for a day. Soon your problems are insignificant. Love, peace and harmony bring an extended life. Pura Vida!

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What Do You Have To Give

What do you have to give
To make the world a better place to live
If you have no money
Only a bubbly personality that is funny

A personality that makes the world shine
Intelligence that makes little people’s minds come alive
If you have no money
Only time that is sweet as honey

You give all you can give:A quarter
To the man on the corner
A smile
It will be remembered for a while

If you have no money
Just a personality that is funny
Time to help people forget
Life’s heavy burden; a heavy debt

It is said laughter makes the sick heal
Donations have a greater appeal
I hope when I am close to death
Friends come by to make me laugh instead

No sad faces when I die
I want Laughter by my side
What do you have to give
To make the world a better place to live



Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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