Five reasons you should not visit Costa Rica!

Five reasons you should not visit Costa Rica!

1. You say to yourself, Self, I do not like to travel. I live in California and have the best of all worlds. Beautiful weather, beautiful women, men and I love this beach I go to even if it took one hour to go twenty miles on a Saturday. I like my job and get up everyday at four in the morning and back home at seven. What a life!
2. Las Vegas is cheap. The casinos feed you for almost nothing. If you win big you can eat for free and have a free room. One hundred degrees is like eighty- five in Chicago. My electric bill is five hundred a month and I gladly pay for it when the temperature hits one-hundred and fifteen degrees.
3. Salt Lake City, Utah; a great place to let your children grow up. The long winter is over, no more snow drifts. I am going to miss the ski lifts and ten below weather for skiing. Now it is eighty-five degrees with ninety percent humidity. What a life, I love it here in Utah. St. George will hit one-hundred degrees today.
4. New York, New York is my kind of town; ten below and the salt is on the roads. Summer is here and our beautiful hot, humid weather has arrived; ninety-five degrees and a thunder storm are here. Humidity, a mild eighty Percent, cannot wait until September. The hottest two weeks of summer, just like Chicago is my kind of town, Chicago is!
5. Aguacate, Costa Rica, a little town in the Lake Arenal area. Summer is over and it was ninety degrees twice in February. Average weather is fifty-eight to eighty-six degrees. Lots of rain, but usually at night. I wear shorts and t-shirts all the time and wore long pants one day to weed wack the vegetation. Got to protect my legs and I always put on sunscreen. I go to the beach once a month whether I need to or not. June beach weather is eighty degrees; do not know why anyone would live here, do you? Pura Vida! Press link below for the book store, Thank you!

Two Girls

Let me tell you a story
About my two morning glories
Two little puppies so sweet
They make my life unique

One is black and one is brown
They miss me when I am not around
How do I know you ask?
The way they act when I am back

They jump and scurry about
Jump on me and never pout
They welcome me home and lick my face
You can feel their love about my place

I drop a pen, a piece of paper or a cup
They come and pick it up
They bring it to me very quick
Believe me, it is no parlor trick

LaLa and Lulu are their names
Pals who like to play games
Protect the property from unwanted strangers
Barking to let us know of potential danger

They like to chase lizards and birds
They bark at the cows when they are herds
Busy little dogs searching the grounds
Looking for animals lurking around

They find toads hidden in bushes
I yell at them to get out of the bush
Fear about the poisonous toads
They can kill little dogs I was told

When they are tired they sit on my lap
Usually they take a nap
Or sit by my side and cuddle me close
Like little angels in repose

Two little puppies so sweet
They make my life unique

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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