Do you believe in Angels?



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I took this picture of Angels in Zarcero, Costa Rica. It is Catholic Cathedral with many beautiful ceilings with a great abundance of wood to capture the elegance of the church. Outside, the topiary is phenomenal; bushes cut to look like dinosaurs, motorcycle, people and other trophies. The day we visited a man was using a drone to take pictures. The visit was great, but the ceiling of Angels stuck in my mind. Do you believe that an Angel watches over you?

Do you believe in the dark Angels? Those Angels that wish to fight against good; A fight for evil, which is a struggle between God and the Devil to cause havoc on earth. Do you believe there is an inherent evil, the Devil? You have free will and choose the course you take with the help of either Angel on your shoulders. Do you believe in both types of Angels? Are you always in a struggle to choose which direction to go or is your faith strong enough to prevail?

For me, in my deepest dark moments, I feel a presence, a warmth, that seems to keep me company to get through the tough times. Especially when I fail and need to pick myself off the ground. Many times I prayed to guide me in a better direction and help me through my conflict. How about you? Is it possible to believe in Angels?

Pua Vida!

Fell from the sky

Angel, you fell from the sky
You felt my sorrow: you heard my cry
You touched my shoulder and I was not alone
In time of death the angel shows

Show the way through the light
Show me to my husbands flight
Bring me to my family and friends
Do not desert me at the end

I led a good life raised my family well
Eighty nine years is quite a spell
Seen a world war and two police actions
Saw polio vaccinations have a positive reaction

Out lived my husband and three sisters
Independence with no assistance
Three daughters live close by
Children I can rely

Angel you fell from the sky
You felt my sorrow: heard my cry
You touched my shoulder and I was not alone
A little more time I am not ready To go
Thank you angel


Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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