Why does man need to suffer?


IMG_2506I woke up this morning to my favorite sounds in Costa Rica; the monkey’s barking as an annoying eighteen wheeler rolls by using its loud air brakes(not a pleasing early morning sound). Our usual accompaniment of birds; the early morning doves, parakeets, and blue jays that inhabit our trees.

I thought of my Mother who passed away several years ago; suffering for seven days from a stroke. My wife, Marian, who suffered from brain cancer, suffering for six weeks before God took her from us. Marian’s Mother suffered the same fate and died ¬†from several strokes, lasting six months of unhappy living. Today my girlfriend’s Mother has had two strokes and can not communicate with her family. She can barely walk, cannot talk, has no use of one hand and becomes exhausted quickly. She cries in frustration at not being able to communicate her wants, feelings. Lock in a physical cage of compliance with natures laws of survival. Struggling to survive in a busy world of indifference. Would you want to live this way?

The women above are all good people; kind, generous, feeling contributors to God’s good will on earth. Why are they made to suffer? Is it their passage through Purgatory on earth for entrance to Heaven, Valhalla or wherever we go as we pass on from this earthly environment? Why must man suffer instead of leaving quickly? Do you think it is because of free will and the struggle to wish to live one more hour, minute, second of breathable air? This cruelty I write off to greed; more money is made from the death of a human being than any other resource. My favorite response to end of life is: a title from a book and a great quote, ” They Shoot horses don’t they?” Would you want to die humanly? Pura Vida!



It is inevitable
Hopefully not regrettable
In memorial, hopefully a few-people will show
Maybe a nephew I saw grow

A sister who out lives me
At least I will be free
Death doesn’t scare me
I know I will have company

Those who fell before
Who will show me the heavenly door
I am a lucky man
Life and I were members of a great band

Hopefully in death there is life
Pathways built with great lights
Inspiration and love
Travels with angels above

As darkness falls
I hope I hear those heavenly calls
“Follow me for a new beginning”
In death I will be grinning


Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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