Do you like thunder and lightning?

IMG_4108I woke up this morning, glad to be alive. The thunder storm finally let us fall asleep to a quiet night as the storms rolled by lighting our little bedroom. Have you ever been in a lightning storm? The kind that lights up the black , dark skies and not a drop of rain drops. In Illinois they are called dry lightning storms. These storms cause major forest fires because the clouds do not produce rain and the areas are dry of moisture. Last night lightning extravaganza brought no rain for a half hour, and suddenly the clouds opened up.

The thunder and lightning continued for hours. The power went out and it was pitch black. Dark like the Vin Diesel movie Pitch Black where you could not see in front of you: no buildings, trees, bushes and an eerie quiet. No birds, cars, dogs; no sound letting you know life still exist, thrives. A feeling of loss comes over you; not fear of eminent doom, only the expectation something or someone will jump out at you.

Do you count the seconds of lightning flashes? How far away is the lightning? Last night the lightning came within a have a second, kaboom! It felt like it hit the house as the house gave a little shake as the sonic boom awaken the neighborhood and people rushed out to look at their houses, transformers , trees,  to see if they were on fire. Has this happened to you?

I watch as the rain pours tumultuously down as the storm cycles away; kaboom! Five miles away, kaboom, eight miles away as the black skies turn brilliant in the distance. Love to watch the storm as it slowly disappears. Three in the morning I walk inside and go to bed. The birds are chatting and the power returns a feeling of protection and easiness lost because of the storm. I fix my clock as I gain an hour lost by the outage and I say my Our Fathers and thank his excellency for giving me one more day of life. Always thankful for my life in Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

The palm trees are swaying softly with the wind
The thunder is crackling as the rain begins
Silver dollar size droplets steam off the ground
Cooling the air as people mill around

Nobody rushing to get under cover
Sniffing the aromas that seem to hover
It has been an unusually warm winter’s day
The storm passes and the sun make its way

People are leisurely dressed
The ladies in bikinis or a sun dress
The men in shorts and tank tops
No shoes, just sandals or flip flops

No business done today
Go to church, it is Sunday
Family time, barbecue and the beach
Soccer playing out of dad’s reach

Mid seventies and no more rain
Perfect for the days play
A little soccer and a little surfing
Late tonight dad will be hurting

A beautiful day in Costa Rica




Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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