Why do I write? Do you?

Why do I write? Why do you write? Some people may say I like to hear myself talk.



Maybe it is to let my opinions known, or release myself of pain , loneliness and despair. How about you, does that sound familiar. I am too obstinate for the above mention reasons. I will not let life slap me down or feel sorry for myself. I can think of three reasons why I write:

1. To help others get passed the pain of loss of loved ones. I wrote to ease my pain. I lost seven people in five years and could easily fallen into heavy drinking and despair. Thanks to my beloved wife, who passed away in September of 2008, she released me from any obligation to mourn her. Marian told me to find someone new and move on in my life without her. I always said she was the brains of our marriage and the candle of life that grows within me everyday. Thankful she was part of my life for forty-two years. I write to honor her. She has always been my inspiration.

2. I write because I like to write. I like sitting in a chair and type away on my IPad no matter where I am. I began traveling the USA on my full dress Harley. Stopping at different cities. At first it was places my wife and I visited together; Monterey, San Diego, Cambria, and many other places in California. Many tears were fallen on the pages of memories in my first books: Odes to Life and Love, Passages from Her Cards, lasting poetry dedicated to a beautiful woman. Would that not help you to survive?

3. I write to live and not just survive. So many loved ones are gone and I needed to find ways to continue my journey without falling into despair, anger and loneliness. Some people will not like my writing and that is the way life is. I hope some people listen to my cries , my exaltation and a voice other than their own which can easily drown out help. I live through my writing and want  to only help and inspire people to live life to its fullest on their terms. Who should care how you live your life as long as no one is hurt. I am a stubborn old coot who stays far away from opinions of others. I love to excess and hate no one. I believe in life eternal and wish for the pearly gates when I die. Enjoy everyday as if it your last! Pura Vida! Bookstore link:



it’s a shame

It’s a shame
We only have ourselves to blame
We get wrapped up in our little lives
Start remembering all the good old times

Then it is too late
Our good friend is gone to that better place
Your left alone sorry for not collecting
Those memories you keep reflecting

You could have called more often
Now it is too late; he lays in his coffin
No longer able to hear him laugh
Crack jokes and chat

He was a good man lost in his busy life
Working hard,busy taking care of his children and wife
Always on the move never sitting still

I am sorry I did not connect with you
It is a shame




Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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