Is it true manliness proceeds gentlemanliness?

img_0001How do I begin this blog, Ladies? What is expected from a man? Etiquette, charm; the ability to smooze ( my mom’s word for?) without kissing butt. It is conventional requirements as to proper social behavior. Can you have etiquette in a biker bar and not be considered a wimp? What is proper behavior in the Hogs and Heifers Grill in Las Vegas, Nevada? Is it the same in an expensive, posh restaurant?

I believe good manners and etiquette go hand in hand no matter where you go. I new bikers who were gentle with their children and women and treated them with respect and would demand it no matter where they where. In Hogs and Heifers a saw a biker open the door for his girlfriend and pull out her chair to sit at a table. He calmed cussing and swearing around his wife even though she had truck drivers mouth. After a few beers he would stop and order food and was polite to the server. He asked his girlfriend what she would like and go ahead an order dear. A man kept bumping his girl while she was eating and he stood up, politely walked in front of him and asked him to calm down. The obnoxious individual had way too many tequilas, cussing at him, went to push him and the man took him to the ground with a bent hand grip and held him and told his friends to take him outside before he got hurt.

Quickly bar security showed up and ask the young man to leave. The gentleman sat down with his wife and gave her a kiss as she thank her honey for helping her be confortable. His friends were ready to step in if the aggravating individual and friends wanted a fight. In this case scenario, gentlemanliness preceded being a man.

Don’t you feel they go hand in hand? In my mind, a man opens doors, pulls out chairs, does little chores for his lady, and treats her with kindness and love. He stands tall and can think in a crisis. He is not a person to fear but one who knows when to stand and when to walk away. How do you feel about this ideal ladies? How do you like to be treated? Pura Vida! Please, check out my bookstore, press the link  to peek!



The Man

He is gruff quiet man
Doesn’t drink or cheat on his woman
Maintains a good diet
Exercise is his form of riot

He keeps his personal life to himself
He is a person I think of as top shelf
He embarrasses easily
His suits are meticulous not sleazy

He is a staunch Christian
Promotes it within reason
He comes from sturdy stock
When asked; he tells what his family is about

He is a gruff quiet man
I am proud to call him my friend

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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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