Does God’s mighty thunder scare you?


At five this morning a mighty storm approached my litttle town, Aguacate, Costa Rica. I have lived here for two years and do not remember a storm of such magnitude and rage in the early morning.

IMG_4108I lay in bed awake, my eyes closed, my puppies hugging me closely as the lightning lights up the black clouds above. I count the seconds for the sound of thunder. A half second later, craaaaak! As the thunder rolls through the sky. Rolling slowly above our little home. Immediately another flash of lightning, like in the movie Frankenstein, where the electrodes on his head flash with lightning to awaken the monster from death. I could reach up my hammer to the sky like the ancient God Thor in Viking mythology, the lightning was so close and fearful.

Have you ever felt this sensation as if you were part of the storm. Feel the electricity surrounding your body as the shock waves move the wind and air. The sky unzippered and a multitude of rain crashes to the ground with such force that the river flowed, flowed high over the rocks  and made a roar of a diesel locomotive. The bumbling sound of the river rolling over the rocks disappeared along with my comforting sensation. Craaack!, a flash of lighting, another flash, crack! Craaaack! Craaaaaack! Another flash of lightning that felt like it hit the ground next to our open screens in our bedroom as I feel the heat from this violent storm. Another bright flash followed by a very violent, load craaaaack! A sound of a tree splitting in half a block away. I hope no one is hurt, I think to my self as Mr puppies jump up in unison barking to chase off this natural intruder.

I calm the dogs down as they return to my side and lay close to my body. Their ribs rubbing against me rapidly expanding nervously as they pant. I pet them softly, it’s ok girls, God and his Angels are bowling and hitting a lot of strikes, as I remember my Mother calming her children as they sit on the couch and Daddy watches us during a storm smiling peacefully. Funny how storms bring back memories of my young youth. Slowly the lightning abates and moves away being less frightening. I can hear the thunder ten miles away as I count the seconds to the thunder.

The dogs are calm and relaxed as LuLu licks my hand as if to say thank you for protecting me. I pet her and LaLa gently, feel their gentle breathing return. It is seven in the morning as I listen to the storm in the distance. The phone rings, I know it is Corina calling to see how we are doing. She will fly back to Costa Rica tomorrow after a month in the states. Boy, will I have a story to tell her. Pura Vida! How I love it in Costa Rica! Read my poems and feel Costa Rica in “Poems From Costa Rica,” my bookstore below. TMNugent Books LLC.


Thunder And Lightning

It was a quiet night
Laying in bed with my dog just to my right
Watching T.V. With an ice tea in my hand
I took a sip and then it began

With a thunderous clap the lightning did glare
It brightened the room like an emergency flare
My dog jumped up and ran around the room
He would run , he would zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

He ran until he was tired
I found him in the bathroom:
I thought he expired
He would shake as the thunder did sound
As the lightened glared all around

I laid in the tub right beside him
Until the storm passed and it was calm within
I got out of the tub
Reached down and gave him a rub

I said, ” it’s o.k. Boy”
I went out the door and he followed with great joy
We went outside the storm had passed
It took awhile but he was finally relaxed

He took time to do his business
Ran to me with great eagerness
Barking all the way
Hugging him was a great price to pay
For my companion


Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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