The Man With a Limp




This is the opening paragraph of my new novel, “The Man With a Limp,”being published now. It will be ready for sale in mid October. My other books are available at the link below:

Excerpt from; The Man with a limp

It is a cold winter morning in Santa Cruz, California. It is windy, rainy and no one is at the beach. A lone man, about twenty-four years old is walking with a six-foot bamboo walking stick. He is wearing a rain poncho, a rain hat, and rubber boots. He has thick long black hair down to his shoulders and a massive long black beard hanging down to the middle of his chest. He walks with a limp on the left side. His hand is curled up, and his left arm hangs down, appearing to be a useless appendage. He is smiling; it is obvious he likes to walk in the rain. With him, as he walks is a large German Shepard who has scars on its face and a large scar on his chest. I own a restaurant on the beach called “The Santa Cruz Experience.” It is an inexpensive diner with the usual Santa Cruz decor: surfboards and surfing pictures hang on the walls and a Harley Davidson motorcycle setting inside to the right, by the front door. I like to ride. My name is Jack.

The Man with a limp is a story about a young man fresh from the Iraqi War and his new beginning in his life. He meets a man who owns a restaurant on the beach and they developed a relationship. You watch how the families merge into one defining force and create a life time together. Look for my first novel in mid October.

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