Does the weather make you a hermit crab?

C1F1477D-DE28-447E-84D6-6A770612F320The storm rages on as the sun begins to rise over the eastern skies; a small break in the clouds and the sun peaks through producing a pretty rainbow in the showers. It has been two days of constant down pour keeping us secluded like hermit crabs in the sand. Not willing to face the torrent of rain we found menial tasks to perform. Do you stay huddled in the warmth of your home instead of attacking Mother Nature’s  onslaught?

Our little river is not so little any more. The thunderous roar over the rocks have disappeared as the swift waters reaches the top of the river banks. I have never seen the river so high. Are we in danger of flooding? No, I live high on a hill and have no need to worry. I find it interesting and soothing to my mind. I listen to the drums of the river often. The river went from crystal blue to brown. Somewhere up the river a small avalanche of red and brown dirt must have fallen into the river, changing the mood of the river from a docile calming influence to a more somber darker rage.

Is that what happened in Las Vegas last Sunday? The man’s happy existence turned dark and angry. He just snapped someone told a reporter. No one saw this coming and he went on a murderous rampage. Really? It saddens me that his closest friends ( if he had any?) did not see this unusual behavior escalating. Hermit crabs definitely did not see it or did not want to as they were safe, hidden in the sand until someone dug them up and ate them.

I am sad remembering Las Vegas and the darking skies of more eminent stormy conditions added to the torrent in the river of life. As I search the skies for clearer weather, all I visualize is another full day of stormy weather. I see no clearing of the violence perpetrated by sick individuals who should be locked away and managed, Keeping society safe. As a society we release people to suffer until their clouded, disallused minds explode and cause havoc, much like Mother Nature’s furious rath.

The thunder cracks and the lightning flashes in the early morning sky. I like the storms because I can watch the lightning and hear the raging thunder. I listen to the symphony of the river, the water hitting the rocks, the rain pummeling down my crystal cocoon I call home. I feel safe or am I? Pura Vida! Press the link below for an adventure in reading, Thank You!



I will not be bitter
As my country loses it’s glitter
Times are tough
Losing a job is rough

Homes in foreclosure
The country looks like a loser
Banks are in trouble
People’s lives begin to crumble

I will not be bitter
I choose to be chipper
Help my fellow man
Give as much as I can

Help family and friends
Refuse to pretend
Our country is in trouble
I refuse to grumble

It is time to change the litter
And regain our glitter
No time to be bitter


Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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