The Old Red-White and Blue

1DB8026D-5985-4C75-9602-B6150114F9F4.jpegI am an Angry American who is tired of all the BS being spewed about our great American Flag. Are you not feeling the same way? Or is it a tarnished flag worthy of the trash heap? If you feel that way, maybe you should fly a flag that is white and surrender to those pious hypocrites making millions to protest the colors of America. Who denigrate our President because it makes them millions to do so. Facebook is a great media,but I am ready to dump it because I am tired of its negativity. Those whiners who need to say something because they believe they know the answers to everything, God and nature, you name it.

How many of you know what our flag stands for?

* The flag of the United States of America, often referred to as the American flag, is the national flag of the United States. It consists of thirteen equal horizontal stripes of red (top and bottom) alternating with white, with a blue rectangle in the canton (referred to specifically as the “union”) bearing fifty small, white, five-pointed stars arranged in nine offset horizontal rows, where rows of six stars (top and bottom) alternate with rows of five stars. The 50 stars on the flag represent the 50 states of the United States of America, and the 13 stripes represent the thirteen British colonies that declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain, and became the first states in the U.S.[1] Nicknames for the flag include The Stars and Stripes,[2] Old Glory,[3] and The Star-Spangled Banner.

“The colors of the pales (the vertical stripes) are those used in the flag of the United States of America; White signifies purity and innocence, Red, hardiness & valour, and Blue, the color of the Chief (the broad band above the stripes) signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice.”

I feel sorry for people who protest and burn our flag because they do not understand we honor our flag on flag day and burn old flags as a symbol of honor. Retiring them with dignity. Why is it that rich people who believe themselves socialist do not live in a socialist, communist country. If you are tired of our country move to China, Russia and voice your opinion. Oh! They don’t let you pontificate? Fancy that!

I love America, but I moved because I was becoming hateful towards certain people. Not towards people of color or religious fur-for, but those rich athletes, TV personalities that think Americans can not think for themselves. The only athlete I listened to was Cassius Clay, Mohamed Ali, probably the greatest fighter that ever lived. Cocky, brash, opinionated, but he spoke the truth and backed up his word. Pompous was not in his nature. He is a true American!

I wish Americans, no matter what color or creed, would stand and hold the flag that stands for freedom around the world and honor what our flag stands for. Truth, Justice and the American way. Sounds like the Superman theme of the fifty and sixties; it maybe tarnished, the old Red-White-and Blue, but that is what Americans are for! Help clean your nation and Purify the course of America! Pura Vida!

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I will not be bitter
As my country loses it’s glitter
Times are tough
Losing a job is rough

Homes in foreclosure
The country looks like a loser
Banks are in trouble
People’s lives begin to crumble

I will not be bitter
I choose to be chipper
Help my fellow man
Give as much as I can

Help family and friends
Refuse to pretend
Our country is in trouble
I refuse to grumble

It is time to change the litter
And regain our glitter
No time to be bitter




Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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