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1AD22265-5F24-427E-B2F2-4BC5B3CACC56I wish I could travel and I did! The cover of my book fulfilled all my wishes. It is from the outside area of  La Bristo Restaurant on Lake Arenal. I am relaxing, drinking a margarita with my girlfriend and my dogs LaLa and LuLu. Enjoying a beautiful sunset reflecting off the waters. I always dreamed of living in a paradise and enjoying what life has to offer. Granted I do not have a large cache of money because I do not need it here in Costa Rica. They only things I need are , love and peace of mind. Do you think you could have it here, in Costa Rica?

Really, it is a state of mind, making your wishes come true. Corina and I live on fifteen hundred dollars a month while building our dream home over looking the lake. It may take four years to build, but our cabina will be ready by February if we follow our plan. Can you see yourself on a beach, sitting in a lounge chair, drinking your favorite drink, as the sun sets over the ocean? Listening to the orchestra of waves rumbling on the sand and hugging your girlfriend, children or just walking your dogs. I get a kick watching LaLa and LuLu jumping in and out of the water.

I wanted to stop hearing all the political nonsense and the murder rates in Las Vegas,  Los Angeles and San Francisco to mention a few cities. Lake Arenal had its first Death in the year. I man rolled his ATV because he was drunk. In two years of living here, I only heard of one murder and it was three hours away. In Las Vegas it was a nightly routine to listen to the deaths every single night. Last year I came home in March to do my taxes and there were six murders in one night. Wouldn’t you run away as fast as you could? I did, adios!

I love the serenity Aguacate, Costa Rica affords me. I wrote my last short story in between eating a great chicken sandwich while watching the sunset. Pura Vida!

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Hello, my friends! My name is Timothy M Nugent. I am an author and poet, and this is my first book of short stories. I took excerpts from my poems and made them into short stories. “Short Stories by Timothy M Nugent will be my eleventh book published by Xlibris Self-publishing company. I live in Costa Rica, and I am enjoying PURA VIDA. My Girlfriend, Corina and I and our two puppies, LuLu and LaLa, hope you enjoy my Books. May you enjoy a great life. Buy my Books at understanding-online.com.

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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