What do you mean? I can’t do this!

What do you mean? You can’t do this!  It almost seems like it is one question unanswered and a demand that you have no control over what you want to learn or do. Did this happen to you as you grew up? I remember growing up I wanted to join the school band. I wanted to play a clarinet. Being from a large family money was tight and had to be carefully managed. Instead of saying we do not have the money to buy you a  clarinet; I was told I could not learn to play the instrument, I was a lazy little boy who would practice for a while and it would sit in the corner of my room and collect dust. Makes you wonder why I was not an exceptional student. Maybe because the seed of failure was deeply entrenched in my hurt ego. Until I found I had a good aptitude for sports did my confidence become better.

In high school I was failing Biology. I hated Biology, the book, the teacher, everything about the course bored me. As a freshman I made the varsity baseball team and my father made me quit because of my bad grade in biology. “Why can’t you get a passing grade in Biology? “ My father ask me and I told him it bored me. He did not like my answer calling me a wise ass young man. He tells me to tell the coach I can not play baseball because of my bad grades. I avoided the coach for three weeks until he cornered me in the gym. He told me my Father was correct and I need to get good grades in school to play sports. He made me duck walk the perimeter of the gym until I promised to get better grades. An hour later he comes back and hands me my biology book and tells me to make an effort to study. If you study the way you work at sports; you would be an A 👨‍🎓.

My grades became better because it was a means to play sports which was a vehicle to rid me of anxieties from my family life. Soon family life would effect everything and sports began to fade in importance. When family members become seriously ill life changes. Confidence erodes when there is no moral support. Has this ever happened to you where you work so hard to accomplish something and it does not seem to be enough to weather the storm? Life back then was an emotional battlefield, yet I weathered a difficult time and was better for it. I learned if it is going to be ; it was up to me. How come the old cliches seem to be correct?

I was lucky to find a strong loving woman who stuck with me when things became difficult. She made it possible for me to move on when she died after forty-two years of a relationship. I found new adventures and moved to Costa Rica as my family told me I couldn’t do it. How will you survive? Survive I did and prospered along the way. Two years later I am building a home and finishing my second novel. I was told I did not know how to write, but I wrote any way. Good or bad, it is my efforts in print I am proud of; with twelve published books to my credit, I feel great about that accomplishment.

What do I Mean? Naysayers beware, we can accomplish anything if we put our passion into it. Pura Vida! Press the link below for the book store:


Excerpt from the Man With A Limp.

Lucky calls the FBI and Phil answers;
“We decoded the message, and the bomb will be on a shelf in a Fish Restaurant.Three restaurants in the Gaslight District serve only fish. My people are on their way to all three.”
“You are fast, we will go to the one I think he will have the bomb,” says Lucky.
“I believe it is the one near the ship museum with the most tourist. It is the largest of the three,” Lucky explains.
We get to Captain Cod’s Restaurant, and Lucky releases Max to find the bomb. Another dog Caesar is busy at work. Max is in the building only a minute and smells a box above a booth. It is on a shelf.
“Something is not right. That is too obvious,”
“You are right Lucky,”


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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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