Happy Thanksgiving Anyone?

1385F86F-289E-4B04-97D1-D68C9C3796F1I love this picture of my family although the picture is not a great picture. The lighting is incorrect, the faces fuzzy, yet it shows a happy family. I know it is Thanksgiving day tomorrow  and I am showing a Christmas photo, but I could not help myself. I will be alone on Thanksgiving Day, my girlfriend Corina is with her family in the United States. Her mother had several strokes and she needed to be with Mom on their favorite holiday. She comes from a family of nine children so you can imagine what Thanksgiving Day is like.

Like all families, Thanksgiving is a celebration  of Thanks in our family. Although the family has been fractured by disagreements and the inability to show forgiveness; I wish to remember them as a loving , giving family. The smiles on their faces showing the closeness they have. Like many families they went through hardships like death, surgeries, loneliness and found ways to be happy. I am Thankful to have my family, Mom,Dad and two brothers are gone but my three sisters are alive and prospering. I wish to thank them and keep them in my prayers. This is my favorite holiday because it reminds me I have a lot to be thankful for. I may not have my family with me this year on Thanksgiving Day, but I have the memories of my living family: Pam, Debbie, Candy, and their children Allison, Adam, Lindsay, Kelly and their children, Iliana,Morgan,Myles, Madeline, and Patrick. I am grateful for my extended family, Greg, Joshua, Kathy and Kathy, my in laws who I am very thankful to have in my life.

I wish my friends a Happy Thanksgiving and hope everyone has a great day.

Pura Vida


A Thousand Kisses

I have a thousand kisses only for you
That line came from a scripted cue
From a rough lonely cowboy
Whom finally found life’s joy

A movie with a tough realization
Love has expectations
A thousand kisses for everyday
Tenderness willingly paid

This realism I find true
I have a thousand kisses for you
Not a few as many do
A thousand you can use

Make up kisses along the way
When arguments seem to sway
Kisses for kissing sake
Kisses to make you awake

Kisses to wipe away tears
Kisses to remind you of our wonderful years
Kisses of love and gratitude
Kisses only for you


Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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