Do you play words with friends?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you play words with friends?  I use to play Scrabble with my wife quite often. We bought a travel scrabble game and we took it on every weekend getaway. We would sit at the Borg Hotel across from the Pacific Ocean on Ocean Avenue in Monterey  and play Scrabble after our walk on the walk and bike lanes that follows the shoreline. We would talk endlessly about everything while we played the word game. She always outscored me, but I enjoyed being with her and never felt stupid as I worked at beating her at the game. After all, she was an office manager who corrected the bosses correspondence.When she passed away in two thousand and eight I was an angry man. Angry at my failings and angry at not being able to enjoy a simple pleasure in life, playing Scrabble on the beach in Monterey with my wife. I was angry the Lord who took my precious soulmate away from me in the prime of her life. All my past transgressions seemed to haunt me and one day I had enough with my self pity and hit the road to travel the USA and write poetry. On this road of discovery, I rode to places my wife and I had never been and I felt her presence. I found myself talking to her as I rode; Brandon , Oregon, Lincoln, Oregon, Seattle Washington in a down pour of rain. The rain isn’t bad when you have the right gear, is it Honey? I began to think I was losing my faculties and I began to write poetry. It was as if she told me to go to a hotel in Seattle and begin.

On that trip I accidentally found Words With Friends. I was searching for a dictionary I could use on my I Pad and It popped up on my google search and I pushed it. I down loaded the game and became addicted to it. I like the game because you can converse to people as you play. You talk in text format,chat. That game brought back found memories and slowly washed away a great deal of guilt as I began to remember the great times with Marian, my wife and the great friends I have. Like the group in the picture who never left me when my wife passed away. Always inviting me for weekend rides. Never asking me why I am quiet at some particular moment. Always glad to see me and helped me through a difficult time.

I wish to thank my friends, Gary and Debbie Shannon, Sam and Melody Baugh, Steve Merys, and Kim and Kathy Steiner. We all keep in touch with each other even though I live in Costa Rica, following a dream. They helped me through a long grieving process that takes years to lessen the pain of loss. Words With Friends helped to bring me joy and peace into my life. I develop new friends and bring back Grand memories.

I write constantly, I do not worry if my writing is great, only that it is enjoyed. I will never be a Hemingway, Fitzgerald, or Poe; I hope to be enjoyed and make my readers think and hopefully help along the way to peacefulness. For me peace is a way of enjoying life, unencumbered with guilt, fear, or resentment. Life is too short, open your heart for it is the gateway to your soul. Pura Vida.

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✌️ Peace

Excerpt from, The Man With a Limp, coming out on December. My first novel, I hope

You will enjoy it, Thank you.

Lucky is a quiet man and does not speak about the war in Iraq; it was a terrible experience and he is working at forgetting his experience. Lucky enters the restaurant with Max. He goes to the counter and chooses an end sit and Max lays down beside him.

“Can I get you some coffee,? I ask.

“Hi Jack, a cup of coffee would be great.”

I turn around and get a cup of coffee, a menu, and hand it to Lucky.


He orders his usual breakfast,

“Joe’s Special’; garlic, hamburger, spinach mixed into scrambled eggs with Monterey Jack cheese over some spicy potatoes.”

Lucky is enjoying his breakfast;

“Youknow Jack, I love this breakfast. If I have bad breath, the garlic definitely mask it.”

Lucky laughs as I smile and thank him for coming in.

“Glad you enjoy the breakfast,” I say.

“Too early for the servers to come in Jack?”

“Yes, the next person comes in an hour,” I say.

I excuse myself and turn to talk to my cooks to plan our day. Fifteen minutes later I hear a ruckus. I see a transient laying on the ground and Lucky has his walking stick pressed on the man’s chest.

”Why did you kick my dog asshole?”

As Lucky pushes harder on his stick.

“He was growling at me!” The man bellows out.

“Of course, because you were acting menacingly towards me and he is taught to protect me at all times. If I let you up will you leave peacefully?”

“Yeah, let me up.”



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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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