Building a Dream


Do you have a Dream? Is there something you want to do when you retire and are afraid to approach the subject with your mate? Do not feel alone, it was like pulling teeth for my wife and I to make a decision on a wish. For me it was not difficult, but for my wife her home was her castle and you do not mess with her castle. She was the smart person who invested in her retirement. I used my retirement as my business went into decline and my tenacious women made sure I did not use our home as collateral. The one most intelligent decísion we made as a couple, besides getting married. My wife passed away in two thousand and eight and I kept our home for five more years and tripled our investment as I sold our home and moved to Nevada.

It was difficult to sell my home of forty-two years; the memory strings were hitting me hard until I remembered why Nevada was a logical choice for retiring, no State tax and inexpensive living economics. Eventually I bought my dream property in Costa Rica, slowly using my pension to subsidize the build. The cabina is almost finished and I hope to move in by April of two thousand- eighteen. I rent rooms at my house in Nevada to help pay the mortgage and it gives me a few extra dollars for Costa Rica. My brother lives at my home in Nevada and manages the property while I am away.

I took my own advice and went into partnership with my Girlfriend who puts her money to work to build our dream house located San Luis, Tilaran, Costa Rica. We bought a small piece of property over looking Lake Arenal. Are there times when you and your spouse can not agree on your project? We can have some heated discussions but always bow to reason or find a  different way to do the project. Having a mediator helps us out a great deal and we seem to bow to reason. When we get angry with each other we remember how lucky we are to be able to live in two countries and spend a reasonable amount of money to enjoy our passions. We are fortunate persons who found love later in our life’s  and we are enjoying life together.

Our families told us we were nuts to move to Costa Rica. You could of fooled me! This is the best years of our lives together! Do no not fear the darkness, embrace it.

Pura Vida!


“Port of San Luis
The Port of San Luis is a quiet little hamlet
A few Ticos and Gringos are happy to have it
A hotel and restaurant and a nice looking dock
A place to have your boat disembark

A nice park to play with the dogs
Or to be lazy and lay around like a log”

“Just down the road from Tranadora
Good place to read a book or enjoy the outdoors

You can kayak or water ski
Fish or just let nature be
Lake Arenal is a beautiful place
Away from the worlds hectic pace

I like to sit on the grass and read
It is a place to go that is free.
Eat at the restaurant or bring a picnic
Walk the beach and view Costa Rica’s uniqueness

It is quiet and makes you feel serene
For my dogs and I it is the place to be
Pura Vida!”

Excerpt From
Poems from Costa Rica
Timothy Nugent
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Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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