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D56579DC-FD55-4A29-8368-343A28AB8E59.jpegMy o my, my two buddies are cute little joys of our lives, LuLu and LaLa. Given to us by a friend who caused a lot of Havic in our lives. This is the one thing this friend gave us that I am grateful. Christmas week Corina and I found LaLa at our bedroom door. Our friend left her at our door and Corina picked the dog up and said,

”Let’s go upstairs and tell our friend we do not want the dog.”

By the time we reached the living room, it was all over but the crying. We kept the cute little dog 🐕 and four weeks later, we took the sister and never looked back. We never get lonely because we have our dogs who are a never ending supply of love and Company. We take them everywhere; trips, dinner, the park, the auto mechanic; we take them everywhere. We taught them to bring us things we drop on the floor; remote controls, paper, shoes, they are amazing little dogs.

When we go by ourselves to the grocery store and return home 🏡 they go crazy 😜, running up to us as if we were gone for a month. LaLa and LuLu are the only ones truly happy to see us. No false personas on these dogs; guard dogs, friends, and Yes, our psychologist who seems to know when things are not well. Do you have a pet like ours who comfort you, praise you, make you feel wanted? That is the key, LaLa and LuLu make you feel wanted. The hardest lesson to teach the dogs is not jumping on new people when they meet them. They love people, at first a few barks, sniffs and an ok 👍. They are yours until I say leave the person alone girls. Now we have trained them to wait until the person says it is ok to sit on my lap, Sometimes!

The girls are five years old now and weigh about twenty pounds a piece. Corina and I cannot wait for our Cabina to be finished. The Cabina has a chain link fence around the property that we had built on a concrete base, eight inches deep in the dirt so they cannot dig out. They will have a little less than a third of an acre to play. Freedom to roam around anywhere on the property; free from stray dogs, snakes, toads, hopefully varmits locked outside our property. We will have a Walk way around the perimeter, inside the fence of the property where we can walk the dogs 🐶. Our own little park in the town to play and have fun.

We thank our friend for these dogs we did not want. Corina and I would not know what to do without them. I hope you have a pet that gives you great joy! Pura Vida!

Feliz Navidad! Push pets below for a look at my bookstore, enjoy!


The Prowlers

They prowl the yard searching for invaders
Practicing their hunting behavior
Always on alert for Geckos
Snakes, frogs, no Hippos

They shy away from larger critters
Large dogs give them the shivers
Bark like they are ten feet tall
Even though they are rather small

They stay out of the Costa Rican rain
Getting wet they disdain
Except when there is no choice
The exception they voice
Lala and Lulu are their names
Always together as they play
Stubborn,wanting their own way

“Too bad the Boss has a say”

Excerpt From
Poems from Costa Rica
Timothy Nugent
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Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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