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IMG_5216I like this picture of a cute white rabbit sitting on the concrete sidewalk. Quietly looking around, a worried look of apprehension about the many dogs lurking around the neighborhood. The rabbit does not want to become a dog’s next meal, although a something made it their meal 🥘. It disappeared like our neighbors large Tom turkey. A wild dog or cat absconded withe the bird  🦅 because one morning a few months ago only feathers we left on the scattered grounds. So is life in Costa Rica 🇨🇷. Living in rentals for one hundred and fifty dollars; the kind of rentals with no refrigerator or stove. They cook outside and bring it indoors to eat.

The rental next door has a leaky roof and termite nest hanging on the wall. I wonder why the landlord doesn’t spray for termites. I guess he figures the building will fall apart anyway and does not worry about it. The outside structure is peek a boo private. Walk up close to the house, you can see the insides of the rooms. People live in many homes this way. I looked at a nice rental  last year; looking for cheaper rent.I found a one bedroom for one hundred and fifty dollars. No refrigerator or stove with no furniture. I liked it, it was very clean and kept fit to weather the heavy rainy season. It would have cost a thousand dollars to move in because of the comforts I would of wanted to put in. Would you have spent that kind of money to move into a nice unfurnished rental? I look back at that offer now with a purchase of property we made; we could have bought the comforts of home and transferred them to our new cabina that is almost finished. Hindsight is wonderful, isn’t it?

The first time in two years I felt cold this morning. The weather has been cool At night and early morning rain the last few weeks. Fifty-eight degrees (14.4 Celsius), with a large open screen in our bedroom, which is actually a work room, laundry room in this nice  👍 three bedroom rental. We opted for the laundry room because it is the largest room in the house, go figure! The fifty-eight degrees feels like forty-five with the heavy wind blowing into the room. Sometimes we may feel a mist of rain when the wind is swirling furiously. For four hundred and thirty dollars a month which includes internet and utilities we thought it was a good deal.

The neighbors are friendly and welcoming. The sounds of early morning, a creek they call a river bubbles day and night over the river rocks and is soothing to my mind like a meditation  🧘‍♂️ garden. The noisy wild 😜 turkeys that cackle in the early morning is amusing as well as the oropendola garbles I love. The toucans seem to sleep in and follow with their mating calls which they call out while hanging upside down. Are they expressing their prowess as they call a mate? Beats me, but it is enjoyable to watch their antics in the trees at five-thirty in the morning. Parakeets and Parrots are seen in the afternoon and are noisy, obnoxious little 🦅. Their sounds are restless, havoc noise makers. I have never heard them whistle pleasant songs like my mom used to teach her parakeets. Must be a learned trait, besides the Parakeets come in flocks of fifty to a hundred birds.

With the rains come piece and quiet 🤫, no early morning trucks or noisy motorcycles 🏍. Peacefulness I could never approach in the states until I rode to my favorite places for piece and quiet. Like Ocean Avenue in Cambria or the Northern town of California, Jenner. There are times I feel the Angels spreading their wings in flight; Whistfully  remembering peace and tranquility. Can you feel that sensation of freedom and want.

May you find that inner peace and feeling of wonderment in the new year.

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Púa Vida

“He couldn’t live with himself
He must remain alert

He helps to replant the crop
They plant what they can
On others they take off the tops
Leah says
“It is a special blend that I planned”

Excerpt From
The Lonely Biker
Timothy M. Nugent
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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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