Do you have pain?

IMG_3904As we grow older all our old injuries come back to haunt us with a vengeance. How about you? Do you feel your joints ache every morning? Do you take too much Aleeve, Advil, or any pain pills to alíviate the pain; risking damaging you kidneys or brain? That is why my rainbow is my picture this morning as I exercise easily and look at the calmness a rainbow brings.

I was working on my property shoveling dirt into a large trench when the dirt gave out and I slid and rolled rapidly into the bottom of the trench. Slamming against the retaining wall, scrapping my elbow and my knee, almost hitting my head. Luckily my automatic reflex was to protect my noggin. Ouch! My helpers rain up to help me and I asked them to esperar.Wait until I can turn around and situate my legs. Two helping hands latter I was able to stand.

The look on Eduardo’s face (the contractor) was, why is he shoveling dirt when I pay someone to do it? I was covered with dirt from head to toe; a little embarrassed 😩, but I felt good. Three days latter the soreness was terrible. Being a self medicating fool, nothing seemed to help. Slowly I began to feel a little better but the pain was still there, coming in shock waves 🌊. Tonight I have an appointment with a Tico massage therapist my tico friends swear by. He is supposed to be as good as a Chyropratic Doctor. We shall see how the visit goes and hope for the best as I meditate wishes of relief at my 🌈.

Nothing is worse than not feeling useful as I am careful how I walk. Leary of rocks on the road that would cause any change in my hips. Walking up stairs is painful, but I have no choice as I walk up to our house. I feel for those people with severe arthritis and joint pain. May you find inner peace in your pain. Pura Vida!

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It Came to Pass

It came to pass; the grand old woman went to the great beyond.
All her subjects, her sons and daughters for whom she was fond,
Comforted her as she searched for the light,”
“Eased her pain to give her clarity and insight.

To search for those who went before,
Those whose stories were legends of lore,
Through the darkness of past pain she traveled,
Through the shadows of light bedeviled.

Soon the glare of white shown clear
Her three sisters she held dear.
Mother and father held out their hands,
Welcoming their daughter to the Promised Land.

Husband, with his head held low,
Asking forgiveness to rescue his glow,
Tarnished by years below.”
“With her wisdom, she would bestow.

Two figures step into the light,
The last to acknowledge her graceful flight.
Two brothers, her sons long traveled past,
Welcoming the grand old lady at last.

Her journey complete, a life well lived,
Her vessel quietly asleep, it gave all it could give.
It came to pass.
Her rest is eternity; a new life begins.

I will miss you, Mom.”


Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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