What is the essence of being?

img_0001What makes us uniquely individual? Who am I? Am I woven into the fabric of my family? Is my life predetermined or is there free will? What makes me wish to celebrate my Irish ancestry? What about you? Do you ever think about your purpose in life or does society make us what we become?

I was often fascinated by the great leaders of our time; Alexander the Great, What made him want to conquer? That drive to overwhelm and lead or was it greed, to take and not give. Yet, we have immortized great savages as great rulers who enslave a country because they are stronger, mightier. Geghis Khan, the greatest expansionist the world ever knew, grew by brute force, murder and mayhem.

I like gentle giants whom could easily overwhelm physically, but have that inner kindness which protects and not injure. Should that be the way of the world 🌍? I look at the many mistakes I have made in my life and concider myself the luckiest man in the world. I may not be rich monetarily, but I am rich with close family and friends I keep in touch with. It amazes me as I stare at the picture above, looking for my tarnish essence and I promise myself to work at polishing its glow.

Kindness, generosity of spirit, are a way to good health and prosperity. What do you feel you can do to better yourself in this new year? When I creep back to bad memories, I flush it from my mind and work at remembering what is good in my life, family and friends, no time for pity parties over past mistakes. Is there a friend in your life that needs a hand? It is a good way to rid your mind of what ifs.

What is your essence? Make it glow! 💥PURA VIDA!

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A Thousand Kisses

I have a thousand kisses only for you
That line came from a scripted cue
From a rough lonely cowboy
Whom finally found life’s joy

A movie with a tough realization
Love has expectations
A thousand kisses for everyday
Tenderness willingly paid

This realism I find true
I have a thousand kisses for you
Not a few as many do
A thousand you can use

Make up kisses along the way
When arguments seem to sway
Kisses for kissing sake
Kisses to make you awake

Kisses to wipe away tears
Kisses to remind you of our wonderful years
Kisses of love and gratitude
Kisses only for you



Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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