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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI chose the picture above because it makes me feel calm. It was taken in September of 2012 as we were riding down the highway. It was a beautiful day as Corina and I enjoyed the comfortable life of the West Coast. I remember how serene it felt with the wind in our face and the warm sun on our bodies. Corina hugged me close and whispered I love you as the smooth vibration of our Harley massaged our bodies to calmness. I felt that serenity leave me as the political unrest began to corrupt our great country. I saw people getting benefits who had not earned them as my benefits began to disintegrate.

It did not help my wife passing away in o8, my neighborhood being invaded by drug manufacturing fanatics. I sold my house in California and moved to Las Vegas Nevada. It is much cheaper to live in Las Vegas; I bought a twenty-eight hundred square foot home for sixty thousand dollars. It is a fixer upper I put about fifteen thousand dollars into repairs. I found this environment even less calming. It is less expensive, but the crime rate is high. Every night someone gets murdered, so I searched for a calmer place to live. I found Lake Arenal in Costa Rica.

I still own my home in Nevada and will be visiting the USA in March for my taxes. I like the serenity I found in Lake Arena, a community of kindness and hard working people who do not expect “hand outs” from the Government. I see people who are poor, living in tin shacks, working to stay alive. Selling breads, pots and pans, scrap metal, never asking for a dime. They live on property handed down from generation to generation. There are wealthy, middle income, and the poor living together, helping each other survive.

The farmers, a lot of family farmers sell their produce at Féria’s, Mercado’s, and they even knock on your door. I have a woman who has whole chickens  🐓 who delivers to my door for five mil (10 bucks). A farmer and his wife delivers our produce with kindness and acceptance. I feel welcomed in this Country.

I listened to the State of the union Address, and I found it encouraging. Yet, the President never mentioned anything about changing the national debt. We heard a lot of noise about the historic accomplishments his administration has accomplished through bi-lateral agreements with the opposing party. Together we can become strong. Hogwash! USA newspaper took pictures of the opposing party, the once in control legislators. Every one in the auditorium stood up for the Presidents high points except the lower right rows of the elitist. The camera swooped in on their dismal, unconcerned faces who make their money off the middle class and the poor. You could see the contempt in one woman leader. It was obvious she was going to fight the president, damned if it was good for the people. I am a white man tired of the ways of the USA government. I do not know how it is to be black, green or yellow.  I love my country called the United States of America, but I became tarnished by the rich elite who prey on the poor. The blacks who get hurt by a President’s remark about their fatherland, Africa. I am tired of the disrespect given to our flag and the response by the American public who idly sit by while they do it. Where is the uproar, is it because it is a piece of cloth?Tell it to our founding Fathers, our Soldiers who have died to keep us and other countries safe from evil. If you think 🤔 it will change you are mistaken; one man can not change sixty years of criminality, because the people who rule the democratic oligarch will fight to keep themselves at a higher level than you. Look at the faces in Congress during the speech, contempt , hate, resentment. Do not look at the media who promotes fear, hate and anguish. Look for yourself, it is as plain as black and white, there is no gray. One man is not an island, you need a tribe to carry a nation. The State of the Union was an eye opener, just an observation. Pura Vida!



Sometimes I doubt God
At times when my country lets me down.
Three hundred thousand foreclosures were allowed.
The devil has us covered in a shroud,

A shroud of moral starvation.

Thousands of jobless and homeless in our nation,
Congress unable to make decisions;
A slice of the pie is their revisions.

Sometimes I doubt God.
It seems like he has forgotten
We hunger for guidance,
We hunger for reliance.

We ask for nothing.
We want leaders with gumption.
Keep your socialist propaganda.
We want a capitalistic agenda.

Your programs are senseless.”

It is senseless.

Excerpt From
Timothy M. Nugent
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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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