The Art of Impression

img_3198How do you convey an idea to your readers? How do you imprint an Idea in the minds of your reader in order to keep them interested with your copy? I like to call it impression of thought. How many descriptive words, adjectives is necessary to convey a sunset, for example. Is the picture above  out of focus or is nature out of focus? Is the sun fading into the darkness?

I work at making an imprint in your mind, such as the water, crystal blue, cascading against the  green moss on the river rock causing an emerald effect on the rainbow waters as the sun glitters on the river’s flow. Is it too much or do you feel the mist of the river water splashing on the moss covered river rock? Are you present on the rivers edge with your toes covered in cool river water?

My goal in writing poetry is to have the reader think of a message I wish to convey or an Idea the reader wishes to Express or interpret. In my short Stories and Novels; I hope the reader is actively involved in the story, even if it is a “You got to be kidding me”. When you read, do you feel you are part of the saga?

In my novel, The Man with a Limp; I want the reader to see a compassionate, giving warrior with a passion for justice. I hope 🤞 I convey this message as you read the book. I hope you do not want to put the book down until You finish reading the entire book. Pura Vida and happy reading 📖.


Suddenly there is a massive explosion out on the street. A young boy exploded himself by accident. He walked into a trash bin in an alley and accidentally killed himself and his partner as they tried to exit the alley. What is happening here? Lucky thinks to himself. This terrorism is not Isis; then who is it? Who would want to cause domestic violence? Lucky calls the interrogation building and gives them a heads up that he believes it is domestic terrorism. Homeland does a great job and foils plots in Capitola and Santa Cruz. The event goes on without a hitch, but it will take a few days to identify the terrorist. No one is talking, but background checks are beginning. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Homeland Security in a team effort raid the homes of Albert Conrad, Stephen Imes, and Mathew Hines. Respected students from well to do families and find bomb-making supplies and equipment. They formed a new group called LACE. LIBERATION AGAINST COUNTER-ESPIONAGE, their parents were arrested and jailed for crimes against the Government. They were arrested because of the monitoring on their Facebook page by the FBI. The Patriot Act allows the government to spy on their people. The parents found that the government wanted to spy on Facebook and random emails and they voiced vehemently about the intrusion of their privacy. They were arrested for using words such as uprising, force, change in government and violent overthrow of the government if necessary to protect our way of life. Reading the constitution and their patriotic rights was a mistake because the parents are in jail for two years now. Their bank accounts were frozen and their children forced out of their parent’s homes. Now in desperation, they fought back. Lucky closes out this chapter in Homeland Security wondering if in the future we can prevent this kind of terrorism. Because of the actions he took to save lives, Lucky is given a Medal of Honor by the Governor of California; the President of the United States gives him the Medal of Honor: the Congressional Medal of Honor for his work. He is on Time Magazine’s cover. He decides to walk away from Homeland Security because he is saddened by the events of the World Triathlon of 2017. His quote is on the front cover: ” I believe great care must be shown in the administration of the Patriot Act. So undue harm is not inflicted on the American people.” Lucky and Max frequent my restaurant. He would become a, best selling author and travel the world doing seminars on counter-terrorism.

Excerpt from The Man With A Limp.


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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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