Polítics: A Pita!

IMG_3904I needed to look at a rainbow this morning; a little depressed because I lost a Tico friend today because of our divergent views on American politics. My ex friend, let’s call him Tom. An American sounding name to ease my distress. He began talking about our American President Donald Trump. Tom disparaged the President greatly and I must say caught me off guard. The more he talked the angrier he became. Calling the President a gangster, a crook, a President that made up crimes by other countries to fill the President’s political agenda.

Of course I did not help any as I feed him criticism of himself to enflame the conversation, because I could not believe what he was saying. Tom did not like the way the President was treating his Latin American friends, the illegal aliens that stream into our country. When I confronted him with the facts that Costa Rica would send me packing if I over stayed my ninety day welcome, he became angrier.

How is it knows more about how it is in America if he has never lived in the USA, visited the USA, or have relatives or friends who live in the USA? When I asked him where he found his information that made him form his hostile attitude towards the USA became more hostile and angry 😡 and began to get personal. You know the examples when someone has a tough time believing in his virtuosity. He began calling me stupid, ignorant and you Americans  believe everything that gangster tells you.

I told him I love my country and I love my new Country of Costa Rica 🇨🇷 and I would never say the things about his government the way he did the USA. He did not seem to me to be a person I wish to call a friend. When his opinion became more important and his view was the only one that mattered; friendship seemed to fall to the wayside. I am sorry about this situation because I thought I was developing a life time friendship. Politics is a pain in the ass; when are we going to learn to live in this world as a unified source of kindness, humanity, and happiness? There is no room for hatred. The sad fact is he never asked for my point of view. Like the twelve step says; God grant me the serenity to accept what cannot be changed, give me the courage to change what I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Pura Vida! ❣️

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Thank You

Lucky is tired and is ready to go home. Lucky wishes to initiate the book and because of Mr. Hines, he knows how it is going to begin; Is freedom of speech gone? Lucky thought. Lucky arrives home, and there is a package on his doorstep. Lucky picks it up and opens it as he walks to his kitchen. It is a garage opener and a note that reads; you have seventy-two hours to find this bomb. It is in a house in San Diego. It has enough explosive power to blow the city into shambles. I will give you three clues to find it in the San Diego Cryer; Starting in tomorrow’s addition of the online paper, one clue a day for three days. Maybe the government can try to spy on me. Retribution! P.S. The garage door opener will open the garage to the bomb. Lucky calls his former boss at Homeland Security and says,
“I guess I am back on the Job, Tom.”
Tom says he will contact the FBI and have them communicate with the online newspaper and check the ads to work at figuring out who is sending them and where the ads are coming.
April 22 is a dismal, rainy day. Lucky asked me to drive to San Diego with him and help him stay focused. Jack grumbles,
“I have no experience with your kind of work.”
“I know Jack, but we seem to be a good team. Use your I pad and check that online newspaper. What was it? The San Diego Cryer? The clues will be in the early morning.”
Jack looks up the Cryer and on the front page is a paragraph from the terrorist Retribution: big black letters, RETRIBUTION! CATCH ME IF U CAN!

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