Happy Fourth of July-2018

The call used to be welcome one, welcome all, yet the cries against our flags are many.

I like this picture of our flags waving in Oregon. I listen to a u-tube video of Congress wishing to arrest Hillary Clinton. I feel it is a day late and I dollar short. So many trusted people are being indicted. How can so many people , high in office want to ruin our wonderful country?Steal from our republic? Let’s face it, Congress has been out of control for thirty years. The four Presidents on Rushmore must be shaking their heads at the misery that has been brought to their people.

I can hear Abe now, Why did I die to obolish slavery, unite our states, only to have Senators, lie, cheat, steal for their own benefit. What do you think Teddy would say about Guantanamo Bay? A place to put The treasonous Americans and the terrorist. Thomas Jefferson, Father of the Constitution, with Hamilton, Adams and Franklin wondering why there are so many unwanted amendments to our constitution.

I love our people, Americans wanting to live in peace and harmony with each other. Discrimination, repression show their ugly  heads from the depths of hell as the elite of the world show their true colors as an Island of pain is discovered were the rich kidnap and rape little children 👶. Church  Hierarchy are involved; is there anyone who can be trusted or is u-tube followers miss lead by the dramatic? Only time will tell, as our world still turns.

I wish to honor our country and have faith that we are better than other countries think we are. Other countries wish to believe our president is a liar 🤥. I believe he has an agenda that is far from our knowledge, but he will come full circle. I hope he can accomplish his plan and hold the naysayers at bay.

God bless America, land of the free! Happy Birthday!


Alaska Bound
Lucky sits sipping his frozen margarita,
“We were fortunate today, most of our work was guess work. The clear liquid had a faint smell of orange. What if the cylinder slipped out of the Lieutenants hands? What if the rubber grommets did not seal in the sarin? What if the poison leaked out or someone caused an accidental ignition?” Says Lucky.
“We can say what ifs all you want, but you made the right decisions. If you are worried about the next time; hire a chemist to teach us about dangerous chemical gases. I had a friend who worked in a chain restaurant, and he was cleaning a drain and poured bleached down the drain. He did not know someone put a bottle of Drano down the drain and it caused a gas that burnt his lungs and throat. It took months for him to heal,” says Jack.
“Good idea Jack, Joshua, investigate online and find an online course on chemical gases. I bet the Government has one. I will call Curt to see if he knows” says Lucky.

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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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