End of the Year

Hi folks! Out with the old and in with the new, I am always looking for left overs. I am a roadkill specialist,a turkey buzzard whom roams the skies of Costa Rica looking for new food to eat. What do you have planned for the coming year? Do you set goals for the new year or do you go day by day like me, and hope for the best?

Sometimes I go for days without eating until you run over a varmit and it is dinner time. I have to compete for my dinner and fight off my fellow buzzards.

In a competitive world it pays to plan; even in retirement I work everyday. I always thought when you retire you sit back and eat tacos and sip on margaritas all day, but that gets boring and fattening.

I found a way to keep very busy and healthy; I moved to Costa Rica and began a great adnevture in writing and farming. At sixty years of age I retired on a pension and began to write. I bought a piece of property overlooking Lake Arenal and began to build. A year later I have a small house we call a cabina. I could not be happier. I am challenged everyday to plant, write, and live a new life.

My goals are not specific or detailed. I am planning my farm, writing everyday. I wish to publish a book every year and begin to travel again. My new novel Charlie will be sent to the publisher by February. It is a matter of dispersing my pension between the house, farm and writing. My girl Corina and I live on as little money as possible, but this year we will save to take a vacation together ( it has been three years since we traveled).

Young people need to plan for the future; invest properly, hide money so you do not spend it all. I wish I did a better job of preparing for retirement. Lucky for me I married a smart woman and we worked for the future. My life is relaxed, away from turmoil and strife. Charlie is my fourteenth book and I have two more novels to correct. Keeping me busy for a long retirement of healthy living and fun. I hope you have a great life and a prosperous new year. Pura Vida!

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Excerpt from The Man With A Limp;

You could not ask for a more beautiful day. Lucky and Max meet me at the restaurant at four in the morning. The restaurant is closed, and I make some coffee and a couple of Joe’s Specials. The command post is ready. Hopefully, people will believe I rented the spot to tourist for the event this morning. Lucky’s bosses are in the control center resting; believing they are ready for all contingency. Lucky tells me to monitor my cameras and let my people run the business. A good Idea I tell Lucky. It is five thirty in the morning, and the sun starts to rise over the eastern mountains. Beautiful orange glow in the sky, reflecting on the curling waves rolling orange into the sand. People are out early grabbing space on the sand for the coming event. Homeland is expecting fifty-thousand tourist and spectators to crash down on the beaches and streets of Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz police are in charge of crowd control and traffic. It will be an exciting day. Six am people start to roll into the restaurant. I put a time limit on the tables because of the event.

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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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