Great balls of Fire! Writing my blog is difficult lately. I am not able to bring a beautiful sunrise to my beginning of summer blog, because I have used my allotment of twenty GB for my internet use. Some of the setbacks of living on the mountainside of San Luis, Costa Rica. It is a rainy beginning of Verano( Summer). Fifty mile an hour winds rattle our heavy sliding glass doors.

A constant battle with leaf eating ants keep us on our toes in order to keep our new garden growing. I have never excelled in gardening, but I am having great fun learning how to grow plants. I have planted around five hundred plants on our property. It is inexpensive, a task that would cost a fortune in the USA. Luckily I have a contractor who is generous with clippings. I have a produce man who is eager to help us plant. He has spent a tremendous amount of energy teaching me the finca (farming) ropes. I am very grateful he has taken an interest in my property.

I was told to wait until March to plant vegetables and not plant in September and October because of the tremendous amounts of rain. Today we have twenty mile an hour wind and rain. As long as I can see Lake Arenal from my Recliner, I do not mind the heavy rain. By one in the afternoon the sky will clear and a weeding I will go. It took me two days to recover from three hours of hoeing. Boy, did I get sore in my hamstrings, but the garden looks great!

I keep my book writing alive and I am working on a second short story book. I hope you look at my bookstore and give my writing a chance. Two Novels, The Man With a Limp and The Chameleon Returns are ready for purchase. $2.99 for an EBook. Check the bookstores out today! Love you readers! Thank you 🙏.

Lucky sits sipping his frozen margarita, “We were fortunate today, most of our work was guess work. The clear liquid had a faint smell of orange. What if the cylinder slipped out of the Lieutenants hands? What if the rubber grommets did not seal in the sarin? What if the poison leaked out or someone caused an accidental ignition?” Says Lucky. “We can say what ifs all you want, but you made the right decisions. If you are worried about the next time; hire a chemist to teach us about dangerous chemical gases. I had a friend who worked in a chain restaurant, and he was cleaning a drain and poured bleached down the drain. He did not know someone put a bottle of Drano down the drain and it caused a gas that burnt his lungs and throat. It took months for him to heal,” says Jack. “Good idea Jack, Joshua, investigate online and find an online course on chemical gases. I bet the Government has one.I will call Curt to see if he knows” says Lucky.

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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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