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Good Morning San Luis, Costa Rica

Good morning everyone! Are you lucky enough to live the life you always wish for? I go to bed early soI can watch the sunrise over Volcano Arenal. The weather is cool and windy: always windy in the mountains of San Luis. Of course the summer has arrived and the evening, early morning rains have begun. Our little flower garden is beginning to blossom, making living a beautiful sight. I write every day and eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. I consume very little alcohol I may go out to dinner and have a beer or two and on Saturdays we indulge in Strawberry or Pineapple Margaritas.Generally only two drinks apiece. We wish not to abuse a great fresh fruit drink.

One must move forward and enjoy what life brings to you. You will be surprised what you can accomplish. I never thought I would write sixteen books and work at publishing them. My last book the Chameleon Returns is a sequel of The Man With a Limp is the continuing saga of the McLaughlin Family. A crime fighting family of the highest order. You will watch as the families and friends grow and accomplish impossible task.

Down below is the link to my book store at and an excerpt from the Chameleon Returns. Thank you for reading my blog.

I am twelve chapters into writing my second short story book; about thirty-four thousand words and having a ball. I love to write and push my imagination to the limit. How about you? Do you like to write? Do you push your self to be as good as possible? I always have and have not been disappointed, even though I have failed many times. I like to try different things: Right now I am dabbling into making my own furniture. My girlfriend and I have a tendency not to agree on how to construct a piece of furniture, but we work it out as one of our challenges.


Lucky set his GPS for Miami Florida and will stop along the way to rest. First stop, Bealeton, Virginia for a cup of coffee and breakfast. Lucky decides to go to McDonald’s for a cup of coffee and a sausage and egg sandwich. He pulls in and walks inside; it is busy but quick. It has been twenty years since he ate at a fast food place. He smiles thinking how Carla would say,

“We do not eat fast food Lucky!” 

The cashier asks Lucky why he was smiling so much, and he says because it has been twenty years since he ate fast food and the woman’s jaw drops in astonishment. Lucky spends an hour at the table. He liked his coffee and hot sandwich and was a little surprised that the sandwich was a bit spicy. He takes out his I pad and writes some notes: beautiful forest riding and many curves. Lucky thought of his first visit with Carla on assignment; He thought she was the most intelligent, sexy woman he ever met. Lucky Stops by a railroad crossing and sees an eighteen wheeler barreling down on him. The driver slams on his brakes as Lucky watches his cabin slide by him and stop. He jack knifed his rig and launches into the opposite lane. Lucky smiles at him and rides off as fast as He can to make up the distance between him and that rig. Lucky writes, I laughed. 

Lucky continues to write his notes and finishes his sandwich and leaves the restaurant; two men are looking at his motorcycle.

“Can I help you?” Ask Lucky.

“ Yeah! Give me your keys!” Demands the young man. 

Lucky looks around him to see if anyone else is behind him. Lucky ask the young men to leave before they get hurt and they both laugh. Lucky hits the man in front of him on the side of his head and propels him to the ground. Lucky kicks him in the bottom of the head with a round heel kick, knocking out two teeth as Lucky approaches the other man who raises his arms to surrender.

“Pick up your friend and leave or I will shoot you!”

 Lucky raises his jacket to show him his forty-five. The man quickly helps his friend up and leaves. Some people will never learn to listen when someone tells them to leave you alone, thinks Lucky. Lucky starts his bike and rides down the road hoping no one else will test his resolve. Sorry Honey, I lost it for a minute; I have little patience right now, as Lucky thinks of Carla as he rides down the road. Lucky plans on touring to Charlottesville then to Danville Virginia. The country is beautiful, and he will be tired when he hits Danville.  Every time Lucky hits a curve, he remembers the ride home from Santa Cruz, California and the great time he, Jack and Harry had. Harry will be upset I did not invite him for this ride. Lucky pulls into the Holiday Inn, in Danville and it begins to pour. He is happy he made it to the hotel.

Lucky is hungry and rides to Joe and Mimma’s Italian Restaurant and has a  Chicken Croccante, a pan-fried chicken breast encrusted in almonds, pecans, and walnuts. Topped with wild mushrooms and a port wine sauce. He had a glass of Italian red wine with his dinner and couldn’t be happier. He enjoyed the server who was very attentive and knowledgeable about the menu. Lucky enjoyed the view of the Dan River and sat outside for a while. The rain had stopped, and the air was crisp and smelled of forest and steak. Jack would like this ride as he writes in his book. Lucky would mention the kindness shown him at the restaurant. Lucky walks over to his bike and a young man with tattoos, long black hair, and a long black beard is looking at Lucky’s Bike. 

Hi, my name is Butch, nice scooter you ride. I do not see many old men riding Harley’s. I am glad to see you on one.” 

“Thanks, I am Lucky, and I am on a little trip,” as Lucky shakes Butch’s hand.

“Yeah, where you are heading?” Ask Butch.


“No kidding! I am heading that way tomorrow after my gig here. I play Blue Grass music and have a little following. I own that Harley Trike over there and could use the company.” Says Butch.

“ Your welcome to come but I make frequent stops. When do you wish to go?”

“ Eight o’clock good for you?” Says Butch.

“Yes, that is perfect, I can have breakfast at the hotel before we leave,” explains Lucky.

“Where are you staying?” 

“At the Holiday in Express here in Danville, Says Lucky.

“Me too! Small world, see you on the morning,” Says Butch.

Lucky hops on his bike as Butch waves goodbye. Small world we live in, uh Jack,  as Lucky thinks of his best friend. He arrives at the hotel and walks to his room; a woman stops him and ask,

“Can you use some company?”

“No thanks.”

“ The woman grabs Lucky’s arm and Lucky sees a man from the corner of his eye come running around the corner. Lucky pushes the woman away and pulls out his gun. The man has a knife, and Lucky tells the woman to back away and points the gun at the man. Drop the knife and walk away or I will shoot you!” 

The man turns to walk away, and Lucky says,

“Drop the knife!” 

The man turns and attempts to throw the knife and Lucky shoots his throwing hand. The blade flies out of his hand and the man and woman run away. Lucky picks up the knife and walks to the hotel office. The manager calls the police, and they arrive ten minutes later with the man and the woman in the back seat. Lucky shows the officer his FBI card and explains what happened and hands the officer the knife. 

“ You have had an exciting evening.”

“Yes, I asked him to drop the knife, and he tried to throw it at me, and the woman wanted some action. When I told her no he came around the corner,” explains Lucky.

“Their names are Joe and Beth, they are local meth heads and are always in trouble. Why didn’t you kill him?” Ask the Officer.

“ Too many dead people on my hands; It comes with the territory, being a criminalist,” Says Lucky.

“Criminals see older people as easy targets, an advantage to rob from you because you cannot defend yourself,” Says the officer.

“ Good night Officer” as Lucky turns to go to bed.

“ Hey! You filing any charges?” Ask the officer. 

“ Throw them in Jail and remind him how lucky he is to be alive,” Says Lucky.

“Amen! Mr. McLaughlin, the Officer, walks to his car as Lucky watches him leave. 

What is wrong with this country? Terrible drugs that are a multinational problem; Homeless on our streets. Is it not enough police or too little morals? Twice today I have been attacked, is there a sign on my back, I am easy prey! Lucky is thoroughly disgusted and is ready for bed when his phone rings,

“Hi, Dad! How is your trip?” Asked Charlie

“ It has been interesting to say the least, what’s up?”

“ I have an interesting case and need your advice, a man brutally beat his wife and almost killed her, and he is out on bail. He was in jail for six months and is threatening her again. The police are doing nothing, you know we can not act until he hurts her again. He may kill her, how can I help her?” 

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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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