Restlessness in Costa Rica

Another Day Begins

It was a restless night, as you grow older you may find you do not sleep a full eight hours. Thoughts are in your head as you try to sleep, Or Maybe the kid is crying from a nightmare or the significant other has left to visit family for a month. In my case my girlfriend is visiting Las Vegas to see her family. I sleep less when Corina is gone. Does this happen to you when your significant other is absent? I stay in Costa Rica to continue building out the property and watch the dogs. I do not want to spend twenty-four dollars a day to have someone to dog sit LaLa and LuLu.

Little things seem to awaken me; LuLu awoke me at midnight to go outside. At first I told her no and in her anxiety she kept pawing me so I knew she needed to go. It is a behavior I need to follow carefully because I may need to take her to the veterinarian if this behavioral continues. We have a routine with the dogs; After six pm in the evening there is no outside potty breaks and they have learned to do their business at Five thirty in the evening. It has been a successful plan, so this is unusual behavior for LuLu. She would wake me at three in the morning the next day . A couple of days later, she woke me at five thirty in the morning I slept in and she needed to go outside. Our dogs are great communicators; Especially when we have visitors at the driveway gate as they bark nervously to warn us.

Summer is coming to an end as the rains have picked up once more. Fifty to sixty mile an hour winds rattle the windows as you try to sleep. Gone are the nightly showers as the day time rains begin. I watch the storms travel over the Eastern slopes and engulf the rising sun. I generally awaken to beautiful sunrises as it peeks it’s shape through the encroaching clouds. Instead of heading North the rains are moving westward giving us our rains. In the summer season the rains seem to travel Northward away from our community.

A couple of days a week week it seems like I get unusually restless. I awaken with thoughts of building a green house to grow vegetables and flowers that need little water to germinate. A way of protection away from too much rain or sun. I may be talking to the contractor about finishing our block and brick work fo a garden when I remember something I forgot to ask him ( like did you order more block). I awaken thinking to myself, self, you forgot to order more block.

A swollen prostate is always a problem. I take a pill to help me urinate less at night, but I am up at least twice a night to use the facilities. Do you have this problem in the nighttime? Absence of my girlfriend is a two edge sword; Sometimes I sleep better because she is not here to push her elbow into my arm as she rolls over causing me to awaken, but I miss her holding my arm as she sleeps; Funny how that works.

Sometimes I fall asleep too early. I may be exhausted after a day of digging and go to bed watching TV at seven in the evening or fall asleep as I write a story and awaken at one in the morning unable to fall back to sleep. It will take a couple of days to recover our usual sleeping pattern. Being retired I do not let restlessness keep me tired. I can sleep anytime as long as I c9mmunicate with my signifícate other and let her get what sleep she needs (usually eight to ten hours). I like to write anytime ,anywhere; Writing is a good hobby to have.

I have a remedy for you folks who have a habit of waking in the middle of the night; read a good book. I have a variety of poetry a, short stories and novels for you to choose from. Hit the bookstore links below and buy one of my books
Enjoy this excerpt from the Man With a Limp below:

Everyone lifts their glasses and cheers. Jazz closes her shop for ten days. The store door reads, Gone for ten days. I am getting married! Jack’s manager Zack is watching the restaurant while Jack is away. He and the service manager Sally are preparing for a wedding. They have a surprise for the boss. He wanted a no frills wedding; only a Preacher and an awning to protect the party from the sun. Sally has a friend who plays for a Beach Boy type band who volunteered to play for free food and drinks. Jack arrives at seven in the morning to get the wedding ready. He can’t believe what he sees. A buffet of fruits and bread and a wedding cake that has a couple on top of his restaurant, holding surfboards. Jack can’t help but laugh. Zack and Sally walk up, hand Jack a margarita.
“Sit down and enjoy your view, we got this,” Sally says.
Shortly Lucky and Carla arrive, and everyone is waiting for Jazz. The camera guy is getting nervous and ask,
“Where is the bride?”
Suddenly an air horn blasts out in the ocean as everyone stands to look at where it came. It is Jazz surfing her way to shore. Everyone claps and shouts their applause as Jazz waves and runs up the beach. Her blonde hair glistening in the sun, her eyes as blue as the sky and her smile that makes Jack melt in anticipation of a kiss and hug.
“Did you get all of that ?”
Jazz ask the camera man.
“You bet I did, that was fabulous! My name is Paul.”,
“I couldn’t let you steal the show, could I Honey?” laughs Jazz. “I
love you!”
Lucky is smiling as the Imitators, the Beach Boy band walks in
playing, Here comes the bride with the preacher right behind. It is a fabulous day, blue skies, seventy-five degrees and a slight breeze. Phil and Tom are present, and the party goes on until three in the afternoon. Jack apologizes to everyone and leaves the festivities. Tomorrow they will head to San Diego. One of his patrons volunteers to drive the foursome to San Diego. Everyone has a great time on the cruise.

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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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