Lake Arenal

Rain bows everyday

Every night as I ready for bed; I look out at the lights of Lake Arenal, Rio Piedras, Aguacate, Nuevo Arenal,and on my side of the lake is Tronadora, San Luis, and Tilaran. I am amazed at the sights and marvel at God’s work. Arcos Iris (Rainbow) over the lake and the beginning of the rainy season; What happened to summer?

I love living in the San Luis hills with it’s wildlife, and weather. The greener the better and I have more than enough green. We have less rain on the western side of the lake. You see a storm coming over the eastern mountains and it seems as if a magnet grabs the storm and blows it away from San Luis to the north. I visualize the rain hitting Rio Piedras,Aguacate, and Nuevo Arenal, but never reaching San Luis.

Yesterday the storms came marching over the eastern mountains and rained in the lake producing a beautiful rainbow and never reached my Cabina. Go figure! We had three weeks of rain and at last sunshine and seventy degrees; A beautiful couple of days. I pray for more rain so my young garden has water to refresh its growth.

I am getting my new book Charlie ready for a new publisher. I will enjoy assembling the necessary items for my book of adventure with the McLaughlin tribe. Look for Charlie in my bookstore by late May. For now try reading The Man with a Limp and The Chameleon Returns. A couple of fun reads, press the links below:

An excerpt from The Man With a Limp.

Jack and Lucky are out running at the beach. It has been six months since the surgery and no signs of pain. Lucky still walks with a slight limp, but the Doctor feels it is psychosomatic. In time he will stop limping. At one and a half miles Jack says,
“Hey kid remember I am an old man.”
“Old my ass, how old are you? Forty if you’re a day.”
“I am forty-five and have not run more than five hundred feet in
ten years. How old are you kid?” Says Jack.
“I turned twenty-seven last week and I feel great!”
“Why didn’t you tell anyone?”
“I do not celebrate birthdays, Jack,” Lucky confides .
“You do now buddy!” Says Jack.
The two runners turn around and head back to the restaurant.
“I am sorry Jack; I forgot you have not run for a long time, I am
surprised my energy is so high,” says Lucky
“That is because you were always a big runner were you not?
Were you not special forces before you became an expert in bombs?” Jack ask Lucky.
“Yes, I was Jack, and it was second nature for me to run fifteen miles.”

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