Late Summer

Turkey Buzzard spreading it’s wings.

Hello! I am a Turkey Buzzard loving the late summer. Although I am a little thirsty because of the late summer and a continued drought we are having. Humans have restrictions, but I do not. What ever water they use I sip on after my daily consumption of road kill. I have a beautiful lake to fly to for a drink .

Mister buzzard is correct, we are in a drought and the water company is on the verge of shutting off our water a couple of hours a day. We are asked to not water our plants and stop any construction we may be doing. Great, We planted fifty new plants and trees and they need to be watered, so we water the plants. We received a letter on our fence asking us to comply in order to keep the water on. Someone called and said we were watering our garden. There is always someone policing your business.

I went to the water company and explained what we were doing. We recycle our kitchen, bath, and laundry water. A friend brings us a hundred gallons of water once a week from Tilaran and we stopped concrete construction to only three days a week. We monitor toilet use and follow the movie slogan; If it is yellow, be mellow,if it is brown ,flush it down. We shower every four days unless we are dirty from working the property. They understand new construction and planting, and were happy we came in to talk and said not to worry about the situation. I told the company my neighbor does not know what we do and we appreciate the good water. Too bad I have a neighbor who has to be involved in everyone’s business. He bought new plants last week. I guess he must be watering them. I wonder, no I will not get involved with him, I will enjoy the beautiful day and enjoy life.

I love the beautiful sunrises in San Luis. This morning the sky was a mixture of orange, white clouds, blue sky, and the disappearing of the darkness slowly in the West. The sun was full and bright as it rose over the eastern mountains. It is amazing the distance the sunrise is from Volcán Arenal. It seemed like last week it rose next to the volcano. Now it is more easterly over the mountains. It is a cool,breezy seventy degrees with a ten mile an hour breeze. Rain will most likely begin at the end of May. We can use the rain for our property. I keep writing, but not in the voracity in the past. I have so much to do and so little time it seems. I work at writing at four in the morning for three hours , but because of the physical labor I sometimes do, I need to sleep a little longer. I love to write. Check out my two novels: The Man with a Limp and The Chameleon Returns, check the link below.

“There is momentary silence as Samantha searches her mind for discussions with her interns; Curiously she mentions up and coming intern Marcia Cornel. Marcia and Samantha had a nasty argument over the proposed bill. Marcia’s sister, a fifteen-year-old teenage girl, bought an abortion pill and died. She snuck out of her home and bought it on the street. Apparently, her family did not know about her goings-on.”

Excerpt From
The Chameleon Returns
T.M. Nugent
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