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Good Morning!

I love the early morning skies as I look through my window screen. You can see the screen in the picture.

It is another great Cinco de Mayo as we celebrate our neighbors independence from Spain. Is it just another gimmick for restaurants to get mass numbers of people into the eatery, or is it a genuine effort to support a country who fought for their independence. I think of it as supporting our immigrants from Mexico 🇲🇽 as they BBQ in the parks with family and friends in celebrating their heritage. The Mexican community are big park people and they enjoy a good BBQ after the parades, and flag waving is finished.

Most Mexicans enjoy getting the family together for fun with friends and family in the parks. I admire the way they find time to be together as a family. I enjoy time spent at holidays in different times of the year. It is times well spent with family and friends. In retirement it is like a constant vacation of writing ad building of a new home. I have never been involved in building a home from the ground up and I am enjoying it immensely. Time flies by and before you know it you are on a plane to celebrate Christmas, New Years or the Fourth of July.

Right now I am writing my second short story book and publishing my novel Charlie. I hope to have it published by the end of May. It is the sequel to The Man With a Limp and The Chameleon Returns. I hope you have an opportunity to buy these books and enjoy the saga of the McLaughlin family. Until next time, Pura Vida!

Excerpt from Charlie below,

Chapter Twelve

Marvin Mason

Philip arrives at Cherry Farm and meets Chris for the first time and Lucky takes him to the sound studio to listen to the complete Album. He loves it! Lucky shows him the first cd from the label. Lucky found a company who guarantees mass cd quality and one week delivery. Philip has a long six months planned out for Butch. He will run his old circuit in front of small crowds and has plans to hit every Country western radio station across the east and Midwest. 

Lucky had t-shirts and cd’s with Butch’s face and the name of the new label, Butch Sundance and the new album name “Time”. Chris went to be the sales person at the concerts; t-shirts, key chains cds and of course beer mugs that say Time on them. Lucky bought a cargo van to carry everything. The first concert will be at the General’s Bar and Grill called the Bowery. Lucky will meet them there. Lucky is looking forward to seeing General Bill Foremost at the Bowery. The club is sold out for next weeks concert. The club holds six hundred folks and should be a lot of fun. Lucky prepared for the tour and had Claire make a Facebook page with all of Butch’s friends and former music associates. Bill has a surprise at the end of Butch’s gig, he is the star that night and follows a new group.

Claire and Lucky go over the testimony of Chris and finds a difficult case to undue. Claire calls Abe and ask for FBI help; they lay out Chris’s defense and wish to show culpability of Mason and his cohorts. A sting is put into the works when a new rock band is surging to success and Mason wants to take over its management. Thanks to FBI warrants, email and phones are investigated. Brazen by his success Mason threatens the manager of Death Call, Toby Coons, if he does not leave the group and hand it over to Marvin Mason LLC. Charlie begins to watch Toby Coons every move. The tone of the text and e mails become more and more violent from Marvin. A tap is established and Marvin’s Plan is unveiled. 

“ We will use the same plan as we did that Chris kid. Toby parties hard, we will plant a kilo of cocaine in his car. Silk you know what needs to be done. Tomorrow at The concert Toby will be partying hardy; place the drugs in his trunk and when he leaves call our police contact Officer Mills and have him pulled over. It will be another easy bust for the Sargent.” 

Silk leaves the office and drives down to Oscar Martinez’s home to pick up a kilo of Cocaine. As he walks into the home the FBI race through the door with a warrant to search the home. It happens so quickly that Oscar and his men can not pull out their weapons. It was perfect timing by the FBI. The FBI find one hundred kilos of Cocaine in the house and three hundred thousand dollars. Silk has fifty thousand for Oscar to entrap Toby. Quickly Abe takes Oscar and Silk to the FBI for questioning. Silk refuses to talk until DA Susan Keats begins to talk deal. 

“ I want you to tell me about Chris Johansson; We know you framed him like you are trying to do Toby Coons. Retract your wanting a lawyer, let’s make a deal.”

“You have nothing on me, I was making a loan payment to Oscar,” claims the quick thinking Silk.

Clair walks in with the tape from Marvin’s office,

“ Silk you are a smart man; listen to this recording and tell us what you want. The DA will listen to you very closely. We want everything about Chris’s case, everything!”

Before Claire plays the tape Silk rescinds asking for a lawyer and Claire plays the tape. His face turns white as he hears his roll in the Toby case. After Silk left Mason’s office he makes a phone call to Officer Mills were he ask the officer to frame Silk. Officer Mills ask for one hundred thousand dollars which Mason says, “do it!”

Silk is livid and ask for immunity. The DA  offers freedom if he follows through with Marvin’s plan and goes back to Marvin saying the job is done. Officer Mills is arrested as he is arresting Toby for Cocaine. Charlie watches as Abe arrest the Officer and Charlie takes Toby into custody so he can question him about the phone calls and emails he received from Mason. Toby gladly hands everything over to the authorities. Officer Mills rolls over like a bowling pin; he tried to say he was making a tip arrest, but Claire plays his phone conversation with Mason and he knows he is finished. He admits his part in both men’s arrest and tells his story. Abe and Charlie walk into the offices of Marvin Mason and arrest him for his mastermind of the two Cocaine arrest. Marvin was arrested for conspiracy to frame two individuals for cocaine possession. Sonny will help in Chris’s retrial which is closed quickly at the DA’s office as the new evidence is brought forth. Chris gets exonerated and a new life; he thanks his new friends  

As his band wishes to bring him back. Chris tells them as their manager he wants them to join a new Company, Sundance Studios. Chris introduces Lucky to the new group at the studio and ask them one question,

“ Fellas, where was your loyalty to Chris? You knew the man and you did nothing to help him, why?”

“We lack the courage to stand up to Marvin who had a history of destroying new groups who did not follow his request. He told us to play for him or he would destroy us.”

Lucky understands what fear does to men but demands loyalty to his friend and the fledgling company they are getting off the ground. 

“If you are threatened by anyone you take it to Chris and he will tell Charlie, who will take care of it. Do you take drugs?”

“ No, we party with alcohol and monitor people who use drugs and keep them away. We are always being bother by dealers at our concerts,” Says Simon.

“Good, my security team will eliminate that problem, you will never have to worry about it,”

Says Lucky.

Lucky walks the group over to the house where Sonny is waiting for a new contract for the group with Chris as Manager under the Sundance label. Everyone is eager to begin recording and get the band on the road. Jazz went on the road with Butch and will help his sales department at Sundance Studios. Sonny suggested to incorporate the sales part of Sundance Studios. It is called Sundance CDS and Gifts Inc. A subsidiary of Sundance Studios so inventory can be conducted and accountability. Jazz is President of the Corporation and a board member of Sundance Studios and is enjoying life again. Lucky likes how the Company is coming together. It keeps him busy, active in all his businesses; Strategic Inc with A hospital, a surgical building, an airline of one jet and now a recording company with two clients. He likes his new role as advisor to young people. Lucky would like to see his family away from crime investigation, but Charlie and Claire loves their work. They enjoy working with Harry and Junior who are a big help. 

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