It is quiet this morning; No monkeys yelping from danger, no trucks or loud motorcycles making noise, just peacefulness. The quiet made me lazy, wishing to stay in bed a little longer, staying cozy warm under the sheet. Very seldom do we need a blanket to keep warm. It is a dark morning sky with the dark gray clouds hovering close. I get up to make coffee and watch the clouds seperate to form a perfect reddish -orange eye as if God is peeking down at us.

There isn’t any sunrise this morning andI needed a sunrise. I did not wish to start a day feeling gloomy or depressed so I put my sunrise on my blog and smiled. This is the beginning of the rainy season, there will be weeks of overcast, no sunrise mornings. Even in the dark, stormy clouds Lake Arenal shows its beauty. Our little garden is full of color this morning as the plants are blooming. One plant must have a dozen new flowers. I smile, stop and thank God I live with no turmoil; only serenity , peace in my world.

I have been so busy building, digging, pulling weeds, I have neglected my writing. I made an affirmation to write everyday even if it is only an hour. I love to write because sometimes it is a Little challenging as thoughts are muddled. You need peace and tranquility to write. No outside disturbances like contractors, girlfriends, friends calling on the phone,peacefulness must prevail for me to have inspiration.

I awake at three or four in the morning and capture my ideas, usually from a dream and I write about immediately. I use my recorder on my phone to jot down inspiration that pops in my mind. Sometimes I will be driving and pull over to the side of the road for a half hour. Once I needed to explain to a policeman why I was sitting on the side of the highway. I thanked him for being kind enough to see if everything was ok. Does this happen to you? I hate a great idea being lost because I did not respond fast enough to capture the idea.

The soil is dark black, wet from the morning sprinkle. I can smell the fragrance of the herbs in my garden; they are growing too fast for us to use them so we cut them down, dry them, freeze them, or give them to our local produce man. Julio has done so much for us that we give the herbs to sell. We ask for no remuneration. How can we when he brings us a hundred gallons of fresh water during the drought? He will not take money for his trouble on a Sunday evening.

The birds starting to chirp late this morning. No Turkey Buzzards cruising high in the sky; They must be at some roadkill having breakfast this morning.I sip my mocha coffee,I love to drink every morning as the sun sneaks through the gray skies. God, thank you for the smell and the beautiful invirionment. It looks like the rain will stop for a few hours. Today is cooler than yesterday’s hot and humid rainy day. I perspired quite a bit yesterday and pulled my shirt away from my body several times to get the breeze, thank God for the breeze, I think to myself.

I get my inspiration for stories from everyday experiences. An example is my first novel, The Man with a Limp. While living in Bay Point, California, I watched a young man walking to the convenience Store. It was a struggle for him to walk, but rain or shine he walked to the store.He dragged his left foot on the ground and struggled forward. At corners he would twist his hip and lift his leg down off the curb. You could see the wear on the left shoe from his progress of walking. One day a another man wished to help him and he pushed him away saying,

“ I need to do this myself. It is important to me to finish this task myself.”

He was not hostile, just matter of fact to him. His left hand was curled under and was a useless appendage. The struggle was always accomplished because of the strength of his right side of his body. I believe he needed this victory every morning to live; To feel strong and capable of surviving this world. He reminded me of my brother Jim who had polio at seven years of age. My brother grew up determined, strong to conquer the world on his terms. I fashioned Lucky McLaughlin after the walking man and my brother. Self reliant, strong minded, very intelligent, and the best in his occupation, in his world. Everyday we have adversity we must overcome. It is how we accomplish over adversity that makes the individual who we are. Peek at my bookstore and enjoy a good read. Press the link below, Pura Vida!

Excerpt from The Man With a Limp below:

“I believe they are from the Middle East and are probably terrorist. Keep them under the Patriot act with no bail while I call Homeland Security and the FBI, says Lucky; Boy never a dull moment Jack, How did you learn how to box like that?”
“I was Marine middleweight champion and took a Gold Gloves when I was a kid.”
“Impressive, Buddy! How come the transient gave you a hard time? I need to call Carla, she will help get the ball rolling,” says lucky. Lucky and Jack finish the run and sit down for some margaritas. It is a beautiful Wednesday morning. The waves roll in at four feet, and the air smells fresh. The seagulls are close to shore a sign the weather is going to change for the worse. It is the beginning of winter, and Santa Cruz is getting to be sweatshirt weather. Warm enough for the outside chairs. Lucky and Jack were discussing their visitors on the
“By the way, I was off balance when the transient first hit me and
made me dizzy,” claims Jack, as Lucky gives him a little more chiding. Tom and Carla show up,
“Can’t you boys stay out of trouble?” Says Carla.
“We were running down the beach minding our own business.” Says Jack.
“You were right Lucky; The three men are from Yemen. Part of Isis and they have lived in Santa Cruz for two years. Respectable residence who have career jobs as computer technicians. They are taking flying lessons at the airport here in Watsonville, close to Santa Cruz. It is a small plane airport. Phil has the FBI checking out who are taking flying lessons. I want to know why they targeted you.”
“How did they know we go running four days a week?” Says Jack. “We will get that information from these three guys. In the
meantime, I have a protection team on you fellas.”
“No Thank you, we will wear our guns and be more vigilant. Use
your people to find the terrorist cell,” says Lucky.
“Call us if you need help,” says Jack.
“How come you and Tom came together, Carla?” Ask Jack.
“We happened to be in the parking lot at the same time and
walked in together,” says Carla.
Lucky’s phone rings,
“Lucky this is Curt, what the hell is going on out there in Santa
“Three guys from Yemen tried to kill us today; the FBI and
Homeland are on it, we are fine,” says Lucky,
“I now that, I want you and Jack on top of this. Get a hold of Phil
and put together a task force and find the rest of the son of bitches!” “Yes, we will get on top of this.”
“Happy to hear it, Lucky”
“Sounds like a job to me,” says Jack.
Jack and Lucky go home, shower and change. Lucky picks up Jack, and they head to the Santa Cruz Police Station. The FBI is busy interrogating the terrorist. The terrorist is reluctant to talk. Tom decides it is time to pressure the terrorist. He has his people questioning the suspects in different rooms. Tom noticed a change in their eyes as he mentioned their family. Tom gave his men instructions to tell the suspects that their family is under arrest for terrorist crimes against the USA. If they do not cooperate, your families will go to prison without a trail. You will never see them again. The interrogators leave the room to let the suspects think about the last statement. Jack and Lucky were following the interrogations. Jack says,
“The man in the first room is the weak link. He showed a lot of emotion whereas the others acted as if they did not care. Bring in his wife and see if we can crack him.”

Thank you for reading my blog,

T M Nugent.

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